Rosenblatt Pressbox Gets Blowed Up Real Good

Early this morning the big blue press box of Rosenblatt Stadium, which stood iconically over Omaha’s historic baseball home, was dropped to the ground following an Earth shattering kaboom.

When the demolition was announced on the news the previous day I figured it was going to be a pretty big deal. I anticipated a little ceremony; perhaps the mayor dropping the plunger or a final singing of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” to send the stadium out, but there was zero fanfare. There was almost next to none when it came to witnesses to the historic event as well. I’d estimate that only a few dozen made their way to the city’s south side to watch the ballpark go up in smoke.

Disappointingly there wasn’t even a countdown. While we were waiting for the walls to fall there was a long warning siren that sounded for a few seconds. I quickly grabbed my camera and focused it on the stadium but nothing happened. A couple of minutes later the siren sounded again. Once more I framed the ballpark in my camera’s lens waiting to catch it in a final intact glimpse, but again, nothing happened.

I rested my arm with my camera ready when all of a sudden, about five minutes before the scheduled time, there was a flash of light followed by a ground shaking kaboom. Where the stadium once was there was now a cloud of smoke and I was literally knocked back a step as the waves of the impact traveled out from impact zone. Luckily my camera was positioned so with a quick punch of a button I was able to capture the pressbox falling.

To be honest I never really cared for Rosenblatt. The series had outgrown it years ago. It had small concourses, obstructed views, poor parking and rusty urinal trouphs. Despite a number of renovations the stadium certainly showed its age. ┬áThe blue, yellow and red striped stadium didn’t have the perks and pluses of a new stadium, but it had personality.