Wisdom of the Yeti

“It’s the Yeti’s world. We are just living in it.” Seth Thibodeaux, head baseball coach at Nicholls State University.

This quote struck Yeti to the core as practice rolled on today with a somewhat familiar chill of Alaska air, though Yeti be so far from home down here in the swamps, that it was still apparent this has become Yeti’s world.

Ever since IMG_4960Yeti show up in Thibodaux, people creatures have embraced Yeti with such fame as perhaps a Jose Canseco, which just so happens to be Yeti’s favorite bat and ball player, but that’s another story which entails a 4 moon trip to Vegas, a lion, three eggs, a pontoon boat, and a red flag.

Regardless, Yeti here to offer some insight on a pitch established when Yeti pitched for the University of Alaska Anchorage. Yeti threw 19 no-hitters once this pitch was perfected. A combination of a fastball and changeup mixed in with a tailing curve that drops right off table of Yeti’s opponent people creatures.

That’s right the “Fastchange Circle Curve”. No people creature has ever been able to throw it and no people creature ever be able to hit it. Requires long fingers and a little Yeti spit, which only Yeti’s possess. Starts off slow about 45-50 mph then gradually and rapidly speeds up crossing the white plate around 115 mph, sometimes getting buried in the dirt when the curve comes into play.

Don’t believe Yeti? Well did you ever think a yeti would make a home in the heat of Louisiana? That’s what Yeti thought. Not even the aluminum super bats of the olden days could touch it, and if you did connect, well Yeti put a ball into your kitchen that would leave a bruise for two months.

Coach Thibodeaux has pleaded with Yeti to find a method and way for his people creatures that throw the ball at batter to be able to toss this pitch. So Yeti has spent countless hours behind a thing coach calls a computer with video, perfecting a way for Yeti like pitchers, Mike Suk and Kory Delange, also known as the bash brothers, to have the capability of the Fastchange Circle Curve.

The pursuit continues, and Yeti will still roam the field in the 5th inning as the circus banshee Yeti always wanted to be.

Until next time.