Name the Player, 20 Questions Edition – Win a Free Fast Arm!

How’d you like to win a free Fast Arm from It would be pretty sweet wouldn’t it? Heck yeah it would!

All you have to do is name the mystery former college baseball player I’m thinking of. Throughout the day I’ll add clues on this page, responding to select questions from Twitter from people who have both @cblineup and @fast_arm mentioned in their inquiry. Makes sense?

For example you could write:

  • “Did he gain infamy from getting punched in the face by Nolan Ryan? @cblineup @fast_arm?”

The response would be no, so you know the player isn’t Robin Ventura.

Sound easy enough? Good! Let’s do it. Who has the first question? I’ll try to answer at least two or three question per hour if not more, depending on how many questions are asked.

  • @TheGrantJ08: ”Is he a DI player?” Yes.
  • @ranalli_joseph: “has he played in college world series in past 10 seasons.” No.
  • @linedrivedad2: “is he a current major league player?” No.
  • @SeanPeter24: “Did he play in one of the major conferences? Yes. 
  • @doc_suess_: “Did he wear a helmet in the field?” No.
  • @ranalli_joseph: “Is he from an SEC school?” Yes.
  • @SeanPeter24: “Was the SEC school he played at in Alabama?” No.
  • @revgraysox: “Did he play for Mississippi State?” No.
  • @SulRossBaseball: “Did he ever play in the college World Series?”
  • @vandyfan92: “Did he play for Vanderbilt? ” No.
  • @duff_20: “Sec west?” Yes.
  • @bsnhitman: “Was he a middle infielder for LSU?” No.
  • @sulrossbaseball: “Was his major league career potentially HOF worthy?” No.
  • @revgraysox: “Did he play for the Cards in the bigs?” Yes (kinda, spring training only)
  • @BrettMauserHCBL: “Pitcher?” Yes.
  • @brettmauserhcbl: “Is he currently a TV personality? ” No.
  • @SulRossBaseball: “was his major league career potentially HOF worthy?” No.
  • Some more miscellaneous questions… until finally…
  • @matt_lozar: ”Gregg Olson” Yes.


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