Living Out a Dream

With 2013 here, I find myself reflecting on the past 20 years of my life and looking at how I’ve gotten to where I am now. It’s hard not to feel just completely blessed with where God has led me in life.

As a college baseball player, I’m living out my dream right now. When I was a kid, I knew I wanted to play baseball for a long time. In my time capsule from first grade, on just about every paper in there I write about how I want to play baseball. Then as a middle-schooler I started dreaming about playing varsity baseball every night. Then I made the varsity team my freshman year and was dreaming about playing college baseball. And now I’m doing that.

I’ve always been a very goal oriented and dream driven person. Everything I do in life, I do because it helps me draw closer to this vision I have. So I look at people older than me who are living day to day working jobs that they don’t like and I wonder to myself, what were their dreams? What did they compromise along the way to not reach whatever goals they had in mind as a kid? Maybe I’m still too young to understand that things happen and come up in life that can force you away from whatever it is that you want in life, but while I’m too young and naive, I’m going to keep grinding every day to keep living this dream.

I’m at the incredible spot in my life where I get to wake up every day and go to school and play baseball. And there’s a big difference between “getting” to do something and “having” to do something. There’s a big attitude change in there. I used to wake up and think, “man I have to go to three classes today then go to a 2 hour practice and then do homework”. Now I’m waking up and I get to do that stuff! While other kids my age are working jobs or just going to school, I get to wake up and get an education and still play this game that I love. There’s not much cooler than that. I’ve got this incredible opportunity in front of me and I’m just thankful every morning that I get another day to go to work.

So this is a raw blog post and probably not the clearest thing I’ll ever write, but I’m an emotional person and this is what’s on my heart this afternoon. God has given me this opportunity to continue chasing my dream and I’m just so thankful for that.

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