Introduction to Me

What’s up CBL readers, my name is Adam Posey and I’ll be writing for you this season. In order to give you some perspective on myself and future blog posts, I just wanted to start off with introducing myself and who I am.

Just to give you the basic info in case you haven’t checked out my bio yet, I’m currently a junior at Division 3 Eastern Mennonite University in Harrisonburg, Virginia. I do a little bit of everything for the Royals. I’ve primarily been a pitcher in my first two years and have always loved that. I’ve recently been used in the outfield as well and this fall have started playing first base and hopefully can make an impact there this year.

I love the game of baseball and am about as romantic about it as anyone you will find. I’ve played the game my entire life and have poured so much into it that it’s hard not to feel passionate about it. I’ve also come to the realization this year that baseball is just a stepping stone to bigger and more important things. I love being able to work with kids and teach them the game and see how they look up to us as athletes. There’s great responsibility in that. I also love that baseball provides me with a different platform to share the Gospel and to serve Christ. And the people you meet in the game of baseball are unbelievable too. It’s a great community. So while I truly love this sport, I love it more for the opportunities it provides.

Writing is the same way for me. It’s a chance to be heard and to meet new people. Thankfully, College Baseball Lineup has provided me with a chance to merge these two great passions of mine and produce a blog that I hope will be some value to you.

As a D3 athlete at a very small private college, I definitely have had a unique experience and am looking forward to sharing everything that entails as the season moves on. Feel free to follow me on Twitter and send any comments or questions you might have at @AdamPosey or email me at

God bless and go Royals!