So I just wanted to take a little more time tonight after my first blog post to talk about something important to me. I’ve been blessed with this unbelievable platform as a baseball player and I’d like to give a little bit more of my personal story outside of baseball as well.

Really, to start off, I just want to talk about my identity. For a long time, my identity was defined as a baseball player. Everyone knew me as a baseball player, that’s what I considered myself as and how I described myself, and a baseball player is what I was. Sure I’m also a son, a brother, a friend, and all these other things, but first and foremost, I was a ball player. I poured my time into it, I attributed self-worth to it, and it consumed me. A good day or a bad day at the field dictated my mood the rest of the time.

So am I still this way? Well, I’m still a baseball player. But baseball doesn’t define me anymore. So what changed? My relationship with Jesus Christ. Now I understand that it’s easy to dismiss this blog post as just another person shoving religion down your throat or you may cast it off as sounding cliche. Here I am, going to Eastern Mennonite University so I must be this super religious nut, but hear me out first.

So my identity changed because my priorities changed. No longer was I attributing my self-worth to something not in my control. See, baseball is a tough sport. Even on your best days you are going to fail. It was hard to stay positive when my value revolved around my athletic success. But once God, who is unchanging, got into the mix, I found life to be so much easier. I wasn’t going through so many mood swings. I was on an even level because I knew that I am His no matter what.

I have a new identity now. One that is centered on something that is so much stronger. I absolutely love the game of baseball. It’s been an incredibly rewarding game for me. But I also know that my ability, and the rewards I have been afforded in baseball have only come through God. It only makes sense then to worship Him instead of the game.

I’m incredibly thankful for the chance to write for this website and to share the experiences of this year with you, but I’d be leaving out a HUGE experience if I also didn’t tell you about what God is doing in my life. Whether you are a believer or not, part of my story (a major part) is my relationship with Christ. So I won’t leave anything out or try to spare anyone who is sensitive to this kind of thing. Because this is my kind of thing, and it’s who I am. This is my identity, and I’m excited to share it with you.


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