First Weekend Wrap-Up

Well I have to admit, this post is coming a little late as we finished up opening weekend last Sunday, but we have been hard at work in practice and so I’m just now getting around to recapping. What an exciting weekend it was though. We managed to sweep our first series down in North Carolina. We played two tight ball games. In the second game we were up 4-2 in the bottom of the inning and loaded the bases with no outs. We managed to escape with a 4-3 win and it was one of the best wins I’ve been a part of here at EMU. We took an early lead on Sunday at Ferrum and ended up giving it up, but battled back in the 9th to give ourselves a chance, we just couldn’t score the tying run. Going 2-1 on the weekend against some quality teams was definitely a boost for the team though. It was awesome to see all the hard work we have put in pay off. We got right back to work though and have had a solid week of practice in some really cold weather. It’s all in preparation for a Tuesday matchup against CNU who are ranked 8th in the nation and are coming off a conference sweep. The season is about to really start picking up for us now as we get into the meat of our schedule.

I can’t stress enough how different this team is from the teams I’ve been a part of in the past here at EMU. This is a competitive and fiery ball club with a lot of scrap. It’s a ton of fun to be around. There was nothing but focus for every inning this past weekend and everyone had their mind set on a common goal. There was no selfishness among anyone. That couldn’t always be said about the past EMU teams. Several people watching the games over the weekend remarked about how different our team is and so there are a lot of positive steps being taken here. A lot of it has to do with Coach Spotts continuing to push us in the right direction and leading us. The team has also bought into the mentality and things are just snowballing from there.

The weekend was very positive for us. I couldn’t help but dwell on the Ferrum loss for a little while and think about how close we were to being 3-0. That one stung for a little while. I think a lot of the guys felt the same way. We’ve put in countless hours and so it’s tough to swallow that pill. Since then, we have moved on and refocused. With a lot of big games coming up, we know that we have to bring it every time we step on the field, so it does no good to keep thinking about what might have been.

EMU baseball is different this year. While it doesn’t do much good to just say that, I think we took the first step in showing it. A lot of people took notice that this is a new ball club, and one that can compete. It’s really a great feeling to be around this program right now and I’m enjoying the ride.


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