First Week

Good evening CBL readers!

I haven’t written in a little while and so I wanted to explain my absence. Baseball season is finally here! The EMU Royals are a week in to practice with our opener at NC Wesleyan quickly approaching. I have to say, we are putting in work this year like never before under our new head coach. Days consist of 5 hour practices, but every player is buying into the program and working hard to accomplish what we need to. We have done some testing to see where everyone is at after our off season lifting and it’s been awesome to see how much guys have improved. It’s cold here in Harrisonburg but we have been able to get outside for a few days instead of being confined to just our cramped gym.

Practice is where being a two way player can be tough. I’m constantly switching back and forth between pitching and playing first base. Most of the time I have to get my hitting work in, then go do my pitching for the day, and then come back as a team and get my defensive work in but the order varies. There are a couple of us doing it and we usually have the longer days, but we also know it comes with the territory. Coach has done a good job with managing my throws so my arm isn’t too tired and also does well with managing my time and making sure I’m getting all my work in.

We have had a great week of practice here. It’s exciting to go to the field or the cages every day when everyone is putting their energy into this year. In the past, that hasn’t always been the case, but this year there is some excitement around the team. There is a great chemistry to the team this year and you can really feel that there is something special here.

We open up with our first game in 11 days, 12 hours, 13 minutes, and 35 seconds from the time I just wrote that. I’ve got a timer on my phone counting down to the date and it’s getting pretty close. For some of the older guys on the team, we know we have to put in a little more work to be fully ready for that game, while the younger guys are just ready to see some action. By the time that game comes around, I know everyone will be ready to see another team out on the field instead of just each other.

It’s going to be an exciting opening weekend for sure. If everything goes well, I should get to see my first game action at first base and some time on the mound in our Sunday game. I’m definitely excited to see where myself and the team stacks up against some competition. We know we are the underdogs here at EMU and haven’t been known for baseball, but we look at that as our advantage. We have a lot to prove to others around the conference and to ourselves as we head into February 2nd. Not too many people believe in us besides the 27 players and 4 coaches that are going to go in to battle together, but that won’t stop us from winning.

With another week starting up now, we have a lot to polish and perfect before the games begin, but we are all feeling pretty confident with where we are going. I’ll try to stay up to date as possible with the blog but there’s not much time to do anything extra around here, I stay pretty busy. I would like to do a “day in the life” kind of blog post just to give an inside look on a typical day for us here so stay tuned for that. As always, thanks for reading! God bless and go Royals!


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