Final DI RPI+, SOS and Regional Rankings

College Baseball Lineup’s DI Rating Percentage Index Plus (RPI+) and Strength of Schedule and DI Regional Rankings have been updated¬†on the website¬†through all games played through Sunday.

All rankings are computed using the CBLineup WOPR computer which is housed in an underground tunnel beneath the ruins of Rosenblatt Stadium.

The RPI+ is a lot like the standard RPI, but it has a bunch of added bells and whistles to make it really pop. It takes into consideration margin of victory, home field advantage, winning streaks and some other stuff too that I can’t think of off the top of my head. It’s tweeted constantly, but the results seem pretty legit overall.

The strength of schedule is cool listing is cool because you can see how well teams did against good teams and bad teams. You can see how a team did against clubs in the top 50 or how well they played against teams in the lower 100.