Collegiate Baseball Newspaper DI Preseason Rankings

Collegiate Baseball NCAA Division I
2014 Pre-Season Poll
(As of Dec. 20, 2013)

Rank Team (2013 Record)


  1. Cal. St. Fullerton (51-10)


  2. Mississippi St. (51-20)


  3. Louisiana St. (57-11)


  4. Oregon St. (52-13)


  5. Florida St. (47-17)


  6. Oregon (48-16)


  7. Indiana (49-16)


  8. Louisville (51-14)


  9. Vanderbilt (54-12)


10. N.C. State (50-16)


11. North Carolina (59-12)


12. Virginia (50-12)


13. Miami, Fla. (37-25)


14. South Carolina (43-20)


15. UCLA (49-17)


16. Florida (29-30)


17. Rice (44-20)


18. Oklahoma St. (41-19)


19. Texas Christian (29-28)


20. Texas (27-24)


21. Clemson (40-22)


22. Arizona St. (37-22-1)


23. La.-Lafayette (43-10)


24. Arizona (34-21)


25. Texas A&M (34-29)


26. Stanford (32-22)


27. Cal. Poly (40-19)


28. Kansas St. (45-19)


29. Alabama (35-28)


30. Mississippi (38-24)


31. Western Carolina (39-20)


32. Oklahoma (43-21)


33. San Diego (37-25)


34. Wichita St. (39-28)


35. Liberty (36-29)


36. Tennessee Tech. (40-17)


37. New Mexico (37-22)


38. East Carolina (31-26)


39. U.C. Santa Barbara (34-23)


40. Coastal Carolina (37-23)


Other Teams Receiving Votes: Arkansas, UNLV, Auburn, San Diego St., Fresno St., Southern California, Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, South Alabama, San Francisco, Loyola Marymount, Brigham Young, Seton Hall, Georgia Tech., Mercer, U.C. Irvine, Missouri St., Pepperdine, Troy, Sam Houston St., Austin Peay St., Bryant, Florida Atlantic, N.C. Wilmington, Houston, Central Florida, St. Louis, Creighton, Campbell, Nebraska, Gonzaga, Sacramento St., New Mexico St., St. John’s, Cal. St. Bakersfield, Ohio St., Michigan, Southern Mississippi, Kent St., Illinois St., Appalachian St., The Citadel, Texas A&M-Corpus Christi, Southeastern Louisiana, California, Washington, Washington St., West Virginia, Baylor, Minnesota, Stony Brook, Dallas Baptist, UT Arlington, Texas St., Maine, South Florida, Connecticut, Virginia Tech., Pittsburgh, Missouri, Notre Dame, North Florida, East Tennessee St., Florida Gulf Coast, Virginia Commonwealth, Rhode Island, Charlotte.

NCAA Regionals – College Baseball Lineup’s Haiku Predictions


To me there’s always been something poetic about baseball, so what better way is there to forecast the NCAA Regional winners than by putting predictions into a literary art form. A haiku is a a very short form of Japanese poetry characterised by three lines having five, seven and five syllables respectively. Thus, the amalgamation of the two is a natural choice… Plus its a whole lot easier than typing up a detailed 1,000 word analysis on each of the 64 teams when smarter and more learned people have already told their tales and anointed who the top teams to move onto the Super Regional phase of the road to Omaha.

Predicted winner in italics.

Baton Rouge Regional – LSU, Louisiana, Sam Houston State, Jackson State

I pick LSU
Not because others are bad
Tigers too damn good

Blacksburg Regional – Virginia Tech, Oklahoma, Coastal  Carolina, Connecticut

Oklahoma wins
Have you seen John Gray’s stats? Whoa!
My choice for Gold Spikes Continue reading

DI RPI, Strength of Schedule and Regional Rankings Updated

College Baseball Lineup’s weekly DI Rating Percentage Index (RPI) and Strength of Schedule and DI Regional Rankings have been updated on the website through games as of April 24th. All rankings are computed using the CBLineup WOPR computer which is housed in an underground tunnel beneath the ruins of Rosenblatt Stadium.

According to the impartial computer rankings, the top five teams in the nation are:

  1. North Carolina
  2. Cal State Fullerton
  3. LSU
  4. Vanderbilt
  5. Oregon

The regional rankings, which break down the teams into six geographic regions has the following teams listed as tops in their locale:

  • Midwest: Indiana, Kansas State, Notre Dame
  • Mid-South: Vanderbilt, LSU, South Alabama
  • Northeast: Dartmouth, Canisius, Pitt
  • Southeast: North Carolina, Virginia,Florida State
  • Southwest: Arizona State, Oklahoma,  Lamar
  • West Coast: Cal State Fullerton, Oregon, Oregon State

The ten teams with the most difficult strength of schedule to date are:

  1. Florida
  2. Miami (FL)
  3. Hawaii
  4. Washington
  5. Southern Cal
  6. Oral Roberts
  7. Missouri
  8. Georgia
  9. Texas A&M
  10. UCLA

2013 College Baseball Hall of Fame Inductees Announced

Two of the most respected college coaches in history join five outstanding players with a good deal of Major League Baseball experience in the 2013 class of the College Baseball Hall of Fame.

“This class brings a different flavor to the induction process because it features our first Division III coach, perhaps the greatest Division II player ever and three players from the 1950s, ‘60s and early ‘70s, which is a time period that has been a bit underrepresented in past inductions,” said Mike Gustafson, executive director of the College Baseball Hall of Fame. “We are excited to welcome them to the Hall of Fame.” Continue reading

Wisdom of the Yeti

“It’s the Yeti’s world. We are just living in it.” Seth Thibodeaux, head baseball coach at Nicholls State University.

This quote struck Yeti to the core as practice rolled on today with a somewhat familiar chill of Alaska air, though Yeti be so far from home down here in the swamps, that it was still apparent this has become Yeti’s world.

Ever since IMG_4960Yeti show up in Thibodaux, people creatures have embraced Yeti with such fame as perhaps a Jose Canseco, which just so happens to be Yeti’s favorite bat and ball player, but that’s another story which entails a 4 moon trip to Vegas, a lion, three eggs, a pontoon boat, and a red flag.

Regardless, Yeti here to offer some insight on a pitch established when Yeti pitched for the University of Alaska Anchorage. Yeti threw 19 no-hitters once this pitch was perfected. A combination of a fastball and changeup mixed in with a tailing curve that drops right off table of Yeti’s opponent people creatures.

That’s right the “Fastchange Circle Curve”. No people creature has ever been able to throw it and no people creature ever be able to hit it. Requires long fingers and a little Yeti spit, which only Yeti’s possess. Starts off slow about 45-50 mph then gradually and rapidly speeds up crossing the white plate around 115 mph, sometimes getting buried in the dirt when the curve comes into play.

Don’t believe Yeti? Well did you ever think a yeti would make a home in the heat of Louisiana? That’s what Yeti thought. Not even the aluminum super bats of the olden days could touch it, and if you did connect, well Yeti put a ball into your kitchen that would leave a bruise for two months.

Coach Thibodeaux has pleaded with Yeti to find a method and way for his people creatures that throw the ball at batter to be able to toss this pitch. So Yeti has spent countless hours behind a thing coach calls a computer with video, perfecting a way for Yeti like pitchers, Mike Suk and Kory Delange, also known as the bash brothers, to have the capability of the Fastchange Circle Curve.

The pursuit continues, and Yeti will still roam the field in the 5th inning as the circus banshee Yeti always wanted to be.

Until next time.

NCBWA Releases March 11th DI Poll – Undefeated North Carolina Top Team For Fourth Week

DALLAS – The National Collegiate Baseball Writers Association continues its tradition of NCAA Division I polls for the 16th year with its 2013 weekly surveys. Polls will be circulated from Feb. 18-June 27 (weekly through June 11) following the 67th annual NCAA World Series in Omaha, Neb., at TD Ameritade Park.

North Carolina (four consecutive weeks) and Arkansas (preseason No. 1) have held down the No. 1 position throughout the 2013 surveys. The poll voters come from 44 college baseball writers and related media persons from throughout the nation.

The current poll has representation by 10 different conferences (13 total for the season) among the 298 baseball-playing schools in the 2013 NCAA Division I ranks. The surveys of 2012 had a NCBWA-poll record 22 different DI conferences and independents rated at least one week. For more information or to join the NCBWA, please go to

Rank-School-2013 Record-Previous Rank
1 North Carolina Atlantic Coast 14-0 1
2 Vanderbilt Southeastern 15-2 2
3 LSU SEC 15-1 3
4 Oregon State Pac-12 15-0 4
5 Florida State ACC 15-0 5 Continue reading

NCBWA Releases Feb. 18 Division I Poll – North Carolina Moves to Number One

DALLAS – North Carolina has moved into the top spot in the latest (Feb. 18) National Collegiate Baseball Writers Division I poll.  The Tar Heels were 2-0 last week and moved up one spot, replacing preseason No. 1 Arkansas.

The NCBWA continues its tradition of NCAA Division I polls with its 2013 preseason predictions and weekly surveys. Weekly polls will continue through June 11, with the final poll following the 67th annual 2013 NCAA World Series in Omaha, Neb., at three-year-old TD Ameritrade Park.  The poll voters come from 51 college baseball writers and related media persons from throughout the nation.

The current poll has representation by seven different conferences among the 298 baseball-playing schools in the 2013 NCAA Division I ranks. The polls of 2012 had a NCBWA-poll record 22 different DI conferences and independents rated at least one week. For more information or to join the NCBWA, please go to

Current Rank, School Name               Conference                    Record      Last Week  Previous Rank

1         North Carolina         Atlantic Coast                     2-0              2-0              2

2         LSU                         Southeastern                       3-0              3-0              3

3         Arkansas                 Southeastern                       2-1              2-1              1

4         Vanderbilt                Southeastern                       2-1              2-1              4

5         Oregon                    Pacific-12                           3-0              3-0              8 Continue reading