Season Wrap Up

Well, it’s been a little over 24 hours since our season finished with a double-header yesterday and I’ve had some time to get my thoughts together. I never like for the season to come to an end. I had the opportunity to win two state championships in high school and even then I wanted to keep playing with those guys. It’s always tough to see guys go and see the team change.

Our team finished with the 7th most wins in program history this year so that’s a huge step in the right direction for a program that has really struggled. We still missed out on the conference tournament though so there’s a lot of things left to prove next year for my senior year. Going through senior day yesterday was a rough experience as I’ve had the chance to grow really close with the guys who are leaving. In my first two years at EMU, senior day was just another game to me. This year though, the team was different. We have truly grown into a family and it hurt knowing I wasn’t going to get to practice and play with those seniors again.

For me personally, the season was pretty rewarding. I felt like coming into the season I was relatively unknown. I had pitched my freshman and sophomore year but still wasn’t much of a factor in the conference and was flying under the radar for the most part. I feel like I’ve really opened up some eyes now and exceeded some expectations which is just a testament to how much my coaches have helped me through the season. They’ve worked with me a ton on my hitting and pitching and really invested in me. It also just feels great to see all the hard work I put in over the offseason pay off. I’ve been really blessed this year to stay healthy and perform well and I know it all just goes to glorify God which is truly humbling.

Now I get to finish up the school year with a week of exams and then I get to head home, which is good because I’ve been pretty homesick lately. I’ll probably take a week off to let my body recover some. A 40 game season takes a serious toll and by the end of the year there are so many things that just nag at you that I feel like I was maybe 70 percent in the last few games. After my body catches up, I’ll be back in the weight room and motivated to improve. Despite having a good year, there are so many things to get better at and I can’t wait to get to work on them. I’ve got a lot more in the tank and a lot more to prove and I’m looking forward to it.

I’ll be home for about a month and then I fly to Grand Island, New York for summer ball. Once again, I’ve just been blessed with a great opportunity to pitch for the Niagara Power of the NYCBL. I’ll be there for the majority of the summer and am looking forward to that experience.

It’s been an awesome season that I’ve been really happy to share with readers here. I haven’t had the chance to write as much as I’d like to just because playing college baseball demands so much of your time, but when I have gotten to write, it’s been a rewarding experience and I hope I’ve picked up a few fans along the way. I’ll continue to post here throughout the summer if it’s possible and look forward to just sharing more with you in this journey. God bless

Adam Posey

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Life Lessons

Once again, the time between posts has been quite lengthy for me. We had a ton of rain in the middle of our season so we have been backed up with games and it’s made it tough to write as much as I’d like to. At one point we played 6 games in 6 days, 5 of which were conference games so it’s been hectic.

On top of that, for this week I’ve been battling the stomach flu. It’s left me behind in classes and left me a little weaker than usual. We played yesterday and for the majority of the game I had an ice towel over my head and was constantly being given gatorade by our trainers so that was an interesting experience. We were playing against our rivals, and a team that is undefeated right now in conference play and someone asked me after the game why I put myself through that just to play a game that we would eventually lose. Continue reading

Back From Spring Break

After a long time away from the blog, I’m finally back to catch y’all up on quite a bit. First things first, I just got to enjoy 70 degree weather in Florida for a week while Harrisonburg got inches of snow. So that’s pretty awesome.

Last Saturday, we opened up conference play on the road and split with Emory and Henry. We won in extras in the first game which was huge for us since we have been losing a lot of those closer games to start the year. We then headed down to Florida with a quick detour in Spartanburg, SC to stay overnight. We pulled into Florida on Sunday and moved into our condos which were huge. We stayed at an unbelievable resort and Coach really hooked us up. Continue reading


So I just wanted to take a little more time tonight after my first blog post to talk about something important to me. I’ve been blessed with this unbelievable platform as a baseball player and I’d like to give a little bit more of my personal story outside of baseball as well.

Really, to start off, I just want to talk about my identity. For a long time, my identity was defined as a baseball player. Everyone knew me as a baseball player, that’s what I considered myself as and how I described myself, and a baseball player is what I was. Sure I’m also a son, a brother, a friend, and all these other things, but first and foremost, I was a ball player. I poured my time into it, I attributed self-worth to it, and it consumed me. A good day or a bad day at the field dictated my mood the rest of the time.

So am I still this way? Well, I’m still a baseball player. But baseball doesn’t define me anymore. So what changed? My relationship with Jesus Christ. Now I understand that it’s easy to dismiss this blog post as just another person shoving religion down your throat or you may cast it off as sounding cliche. Here I am, going to Eastern Mennonite University so I must be this super religious nut, but hear me out first.

So my identity changed because my priorities changed. No longer was I attributing my self-worth to something not in my control. See, baseball is a tough sport. Even on your best days you are going to fail. It was hard to stay positive when my value revolved around my athletic success. But once God, who is unchanging, got into the mix, I found life to be so much easier. I wasn’t going through so many mood swings. I was on an even level because I knew that I am His no matter what.

I have a new identity now. One that is centered on something that is so much stronger. I absolutely love the game of baseball. It’s been an incredibly rewarding game for me. But I also know that my ability, and the rewards I have been afforded in baseball have only come through God. It only makes sense then to worship Him instead of the game.

I’m incredibly thankful for the chance to write for this website and to share the experiences of this year with you, but I’d be leaving out a HUGE experience if I also didn’t tell you about what God is doing in my life. Whether you are a believer or not, part of my story (a major part) is my relationship with Christ. So I won’t leave anything out or try to spare anyone who is sensitive to this kind of thing. Because this is my kind of thing, and it’s who I am. This is my identity, and I’m excited to share it with you.


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First Weekend Wrap-Up

Well I have to admit, this post is coming a little late as we finished up opening weekend last Sunday, but we have been hard at work in practice and so I’m just now getting around to recapping. What an exciting weekend it was though. We managed to sweep our first series down in North Carolina. We played two tight ball games. In the second game we were up 4-2 in the bottom of the inning and loaded the bases with no outs. We managed to escape with a 4-3 win and it was one of the best wins I’ve been a part of here at EMU. We took an early lead on Sunday at Ferrum and ended up giving it up, but battled back in the 9th to give ourselves a chance, we just couldn’t score the tying run. Going 2-1 on the weekend against some quality teams was definitely a boost for the team though. It was awesome to see all the hard work we have put in pay off. We got right back to work though and have had a solid week of practice in some really cold weather. It’s all in preparation for a Tuesday matchup against CNU who are ranked 8th in the nation and are coming off a conference sweep. The season is about to really start picking up for us now as we get into the meat of our schedule.

I can’t stress enough how different this team is from the teams I’ve been a part of in the past here at EMU. This is a competitive and fiery ball club with a lot of scrap. It’s a ton of fun to be around. There was nothing but focus for every inning this past weekend and everyone had their mind set on a common goal. There was no selfishness among anyone. That couldn’t always be said about the past EMU teams. Several people watching the games over the weekend remarked about how different our team is and so there are a lot of positive steps being taken here. A lot of it has to do with Coach Spotts continuing to push us in the right direction and leading us. The team has also bought into the mentality and things are just snowballing from there.

The weekend was very positive for us. I couldn’t help but dwell on the Ferrum loss for a little while and think about how close we were to being 3-0. That one stung for a little while. I think a lot of the guys felt the same way. We’ve put in countless hours and so it’s tough to swallow that pill. Since then, we have moved on and refocused. With a lot of big games coming up, we know that we have to bring it every time we step on the field, so it does no good to keep thinking about what might have been.

EMU baseball is different this year. While it doesn’t do much good to just say that, I think we took the first step in showing it. A lot of people took notice that this is a new ball club, and one that can compete. It’s really a great feeling to be around this program right now and I’m enjoying the ride.


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First Week

Good evening CBL readers!

I haven’t written in a little while and so I wanted to explain my absence. Baseball season is finally here! The EMU Royals are a week in to practice with our opener at NC Wesleyan quickly approaching. I have to say, we are putting in work this year like never before under our new head coach. Days consist of 5 hour practices, but every player is buying into the program and working hard to accomplish what we need to. We have done some testing to see where everyone is at after our off season lifting and it’s been awesome to see how much guys have improved. It’s cold here in Harrisonburg but we have been able to get outside for a few days instead of being confined to just our cramped gym.

Practice is where being a two way player can be tough. I’m constantly switching back and forth between pitching and playing first base. Most of the time I have to get my hitting work in, then go do my pitching for the day, and then come back as a team and get my defensive work in but the order varies. There are a couple of us doing it and we usually have the longer days, but we also know it comes with the territory. Coach has done a good job with managing my throws so my arm isn’t too tired and also does well with managing my time and making sure I’m getting all my work in.

We have had a great week of practice here. It’s exciting to go to the field or the cages every day when everyone is putting their energy into this year. In the past, that hasn’t always been the case, but this year there is some excitement around the team. There is a great chemistry to the team this year and you can really feel that there is something special here.

We open up with our first game in 11 days, 12 hours, 13 minutes, and 35 seconds from the time I just wrote that. I’ve got a timer on my phone counting down to the date and it’s getting pretty close. For some of the older guys on the team, we know we have to put in a little more work to be fully ready for that game, while the younger guys are just ready to see some action. By the time that game comes around, I know everyone will be ready to see another team out on the field instead of just each other.

It’s going to be an exciting opening weekend for sure. If everything goes well, I should get to see my first game action at first base and some time on the mound in our Sunday game. I’m definitely excited to see where myself and the team stacks up against some competition. We know we are the underdogs here at EMU and haven’t been known for baseball, but we look at that as our advantage. We have a lot to prove to others around the conference and to ourselves as we head into February 2nd. Not too many people believe in us besides the 27 players and 4 coaches that are going to go in to battle together, but that won’t stop us from winning.

With another week starting up now, we have a lot to polish and perfect before the games begin, but we are all feeling pretty confident with where we are going. I’ll try to stay up to date as possible with the blog but there’s not much time to do anything extra around here, I stay pretty busy. I would like to do a “day in the life” kind of blog post just to give an inside look on a typical day for us here so stay tuned for that. As always, thanks for reading! God bless and go Royals!


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Living Out a Dream

With 2013 here, I find myself reflecting on the past 20 years of my life and looking at how I’ve gotten to where I am now. It’s hard not to feel just completely blessed with where God has led me in life.

As a college baseball player, I’m living out my dream right now. When I was a kid, I knew I wanted to play baseball for a long time. In my time capsule from first grade, on just about every paper in there I write about how I want to play baseball. Then as a middle-schooler I started dreaming about playing varsity baseball every night. Then I made the varsity team my freshman year and was dreaming about playing college baseball. And now I’m doing that.

I’ve always been a very goal oriented and dream driven person. Everything I do in life, I do because it helps me draw closer to this vision I have. So I look at people older than me who are living day to day working jobs that they don’t like and I wonder to myself, what were their dreams? What did they compromise along the way to not reach whatever goals they had in mind as a kid? Maybe I’m still too young to understand that things happen and come up in life that can force you away from whatever it is that you want in life, but while I’m too young and naive, I’m going to keep grinding every day to keep living this dream.

I’m at the incredible spot in my life where I get to wake up every day and go to school and play baseball. And there’s a big difference between “getting” to do something and “having” to do something. There’s a big attitude change in there. I used to wake up and think, “man I have to go to three classes today then go to a 2 hour practice and then do homework”. Now I’m waking up and I get to do that stuff! While other kids my age are working jobs or just going to school, I get to wake up and get an education and still play this game that I love. There’s not much cooler than that. I’ve got this incredible opportunity in front of me and I’m just thankful every morning that I get another day to go to work.

So this is a raw blog post and probably not the clearest thing I’ll ever write, but I’m an emotional person and this is what’s on my heart this afternoon. God has given me this opportunity to continue chasing my dream and I’m just so thankful for that.

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The Art of the Walk Up Song

Baseball players are people of expression. From eye black, to the way we wear our socks, to what our glove and cleats look like, we like to be able to express who we are. It should come as no surprise then, that walk up songs have become so popular. For players, it’s a chance to share a little bit of personality with the fans. It adds a human feel to the athletes we watch every day.

What’s your vote for Adam Posey’s walk up

Some players go for intimidating, some go for fun. But make no mistake, there is a process behind each player’s song. I’ve spent countless hours with teammates listening for that 15 second span of the perfect song, imagining myself coming to the plate and being announced.

On our team, that walk up song is a source of pride. It’s always a contest to see who has the best entrance to the plate. I’ve kind of gotten myself into a hole though. Last year I came to the plate with “O Death” by Jen Titus playing. Our sports information director told me I wasn’t allowed to change it midway through the season because people liked it so much. I was pumped that people enjoyed it so much, but it’s time to retire the song and find something new this year. Continue reading

The Winter Season

So building off of Coach Marizzaldi’s post on the break during this time of the year, I’d like to talk about it from a player’s perspective at the D3 level.

We had a four week fall season where we were limited to 16 practices and wrapped up awhile ago. Since then, we have had our lifting program, throwing program, and agility stuff set in place on a schedule every day. There are no breaks for a team trying to build a winning program. As soon as fall season ended, it was time to get in the weight room and get stronger. In my previous two years at EMU, the use of the weight room was non-existent by most of the baseball team. Now, for four days a week, everyone is in there dripping sweat for 2 hours.

We have our first double-header in the early part of February, so there is no time to waste. Practice begins as soon as we get back from winter break and we have about a month from then until we head to N.C. Weselyan to play.

Practice in the early part of the season isĀ cold. Harrisonburg is the windiest place I’ve ever been and it’s also stuck in the mountains. It’s not unusual to practice out in the snow. I’ve been to practice looking like the little brother from A Christmas Story where I could barely walk, much less throw a fastball.

It’s been really encouraging to see the team working out so hard this winter. It seemed that in the past, the winter was a time to just recover and get in the weight room when it was convenient. The freshman have come in with a great attitude and work ethic and are buying into the system that Coach Spotts has put into place. The older guys have been here long enough and lost enough games that we are doing whatever it takes to change this thing.

When the season gets this close, I find that all of my daydreaming usually turns to baseball and that first game. That’s always been a ritual for me. As the season approaches, my mindset begins to change and the opener consumes most of my thoughts (besides schoolwork of course…). After the sophomore slump I faced last year, I’m eager to get back out on the field and prove myself again. I know the rest of the guys are chomping at the bit to take the field as well and show people the work that we’ve put in.

For a team that has struggled to find wins every year, we are finally putting in the work it takes to get where we want to go. We don’t have to look far for inspiration. Every day we go to the weight room and open up our lifting book, the steps that lead to the ODAC Championship site stare back at us, almost challenging us to get there.

God Bless and go Royals!


Adam Posey

Introduction to Me

What’s up CBL readers, my name is Adam Posey and I’ll be writing for you this season. In order to give you some perspective on myself and future blog posts, I just wanted to start off with introducing myself and who I am.

Just to give you the basic info in case you haven’t checked out my bio yet, I’m currently a junior at Division 3 Eastern Mennonite University in Harrisonburg, Virginia. I do a little bit of everything for the Royals. I’ve primarily been a pitcher in my first two years and have always loved that. I’ve recently been used in the outfield as well and this fall have started playing first base and hopefully can make an impact there this year.

I love the game of baseball and am about as romantic about it as anyone you will find. I’ve played the game my entire life and have poured so much into it that it’s hard not to feel passionate about it. I’ve also come to the realization this year that baseball is just a stepping stone to bigger and more important things. I love being able to work with kids and teach them the game and see how they look up to us as athletes. There’s great responsibility in that. I also love that baseball provides me with a different platform to share the Gospel and to serve Christ. And the people you meet in the game of baseball are unbelievable too. It’s a great community. So while I truly love this sport, I love it more for the opportunities it provides.

Writing is the same way for me. It’s a chance to be heard and to meet new people. Thankfully, College Baseball Lineup has provided me with a chance to merge these two great passions of mine and produce a blog that I hope will be some value to you.

As a D3 athlete at a very small private college, I definitely have had a unique experience and am looking forward to sharing everything that entails as the season moves on. Feel free to follow me on Twitter and send any comments or questions you might have at @AdamPosey or email me at

God bless and go Royals!