10 Signs Baseball is Near for a Northerner

domeIt’s a frequent thought in the minds of every northern living baseball player during the wintertime, “Why the heck did I choose to play baseball up here?”

Although we grow to love it, sometimes it still plagues our minds during the harsh winter months. Maybe it’s the unbearable winter that makes the spring that much more enjoyable. Or maybe when we signed up to play in the great north we thought, “Hey, maybe global warming isn’t a myth?” Either way, these past few weeks have brought a celebration in the North Country when the temperature has finally surpassed single digits. As I sit in my house to thaw from the treacherous walk home from practice, I can’t help but dream of balmier days ahead.

Even though actual warm temperatures remain to feel like light years away; baseball is coming. This is a list of 10 signs that the season is approaching for a college baseball player who calls “Up North” their home.

1. You add the location of your spring break games to your Smartphone to check out what temperatures you can hope for when your team heads south.

2. A strict personality critique of your team begins in hopes of coming up with the perfect road trip rooming list.

3. March is around the corner; the trash talk on who is going to grow the best mustache begins. The guy who shaved his during the first week of March last year is looking for redemption.

4. The aroma of brand new cleats fills the locker room as everybody tries on their spikes that have been in captivity for weeks, maybe months.

5. The chaos of the life altering decision of what walk out song each player will have begins (this lasts at least two weeks).

6. A feeling of morbid jealousy overcomes the entire body when pictures of summer ball teammates playing GAMES and outdoor practices are posted on social media sites.

7. Instead of counting down the weeks until the home opener, we start counting down the feet of snow that needs to melt in order for us to think about going outside.

8. Our ears perk up for that 35-second segment on Sportscenter that pitchers and catchers will be reporting soon. After this very brief message, it’s back to NFL Draft Coverage.

9. Strategy takes place on who is in charge of the curve ball bucket as well as the keys to the batters box (if you don’t know what this means, don’t ever forget them).

10. The temperature flirts with above freezing as a heat wave hits. The jackets are shredded, and everyone is ready for outdoor baseball.

- Scott Sanderson
Twitter: @scottie_111