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Season Quickly Approaching…

Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog.  I am continuing to get a lot of positive feedback from people all across the country and from family and friends.  Having all of these people show interest in something that I’m doing is very motivating to continue to try and make each new entry fun and easy to read.

Infielder Justin Bennett

Infielder Justin Bennett

There’s not a whole lot that I can talk about this week, other than February 1st can’t get here soon enough!! College Baseball Lineup came out with the new D2 rankings and we are ranked 21st in the nation, it is nice to get that kind of recognition, and we are very optimistic about this season.  We are continuing to “GET AFTER IT” every day in practice.  We all have that common goal of finishing the season with a big fat ring on our fingers.. and I know that I’ve been waiting a long time to have the chance to be apart of something that has the potential to be so memorable.  The team chemistry this team shares is unlike any other team I’ve been on, and that is very encouraging because in the time I’ve spent at UWF, there have been guys that mostly want to “get mine”.  And when things weren’t going well, it was like a cancer to the team.  I haven’t seen anything like that this year, but it is very important to take a step back and realize, the season hasn’t started yet, we have a long way to go!   Coach Jeffcoat always preaches to us that the “season is MARATHON, not a SPRINT!”  Which means, it’s great coming out of the gates in a sprint, but how long are you going to be able to keep up that pace before you break down?  We take each day one at a time, work on the things that need to be worked on, and don’t take THIS day for granted, because you never know if there is going to be a tomorrow!

Outfielder Ryan Day

Outfielder Ryan Day

I got to throw an inning in a squad game last week, and lets just say it could have been worse..  One cool thing this blog has done for me has opened up my teammates perspective on where I’m coming from on the baseball field.  When I started off the first batter by throwing one to the back stop, I was really motivated to get back up and fire a strike because all my teammates and coaches were behind me trying to keep the situation positive.  I was able to take a deep breath, focused on the next pitch, and deliver.  The outcome of the at-bat wasn’t necessarily important to me at that time, I wanted to mainly focus on losing that fear of the hitter being there.  I think I accomplished that.. I eventually drilled 2 batters, (Sorry Houston and Zimmerman) but I feel like that is more of an issue of mechanics, which I’m working on.  I saw in video that I am not stepping directly to the the plate, which is why I’m drilling right handed batters, and have such trouble throwing to the outside corner.. Just another thing to think about.

Now on the the questions of the week:

Jeremy B.  from San Diego, CA wrote:  Hey Phil, why did you decide to switch to pitcher from outfield?

-Thanks for the question Jeremy!  Basically, from the time I’ve spent at UWF, we always reload heavily in the outfield.  At the point when I made the decision to switch to pitcher I had 3 at-bats, and 2 remaining years of eligibility.  Obviously I wanted to contribute more to the team, and didn’t think that I was going to help any from the outfield in my remaining time at UWF.  I wanted to try something different, and see if I could help the team from the mound.

Kyle R. from Mesa, AZ wrote:  Hey Phil, I was wondering if it is hard learning sidearm pitching if you don’t have any coaches that were sidearm pitchers?

-Not at all, when I started last year one of our pitching coaches was a sidearm guy when he played at UWF (David Pedro), so he taught me the basics of what to think and how to throw.  He’s not at UWF anymore, but Coach Jeffcoat knows his stuff about pitching, and has helped me make adjustments in my mechanics that will help to be more consistent.  Also, always listen to the catchers,  they have the best viewpoint of where your ball is coming from.. our catchers have helped me a lot also.

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