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Dear Nick…

Dear Nick…

What are your thoughts on Rosenblatt Stadium, the decades long home of the College World Series, being torn down? I put Rosenblatt up there with Wrigley Field and Fenway as sacred baseball grounds. What about the memories that have been made between those chalk lines!? When the stadium is bulldozed we’ll lose all that and will never be able to get them back.

- Marc A., Branson, Missouri

Marc, I can’t disagree with you more. Those magical memories and games were played on the field, not in the stands. Sure there have been some awesome moments there, but that’s no reason to keep playing in the same stadium.

Rosenblatt has had so many facelifts to accommodate the growing crowds over the years it should be called Jocelyn Wildenstein Stadium. The popularity of college baseball has risen to unprecedented popularity levels and the series and surrounding events have outgrown the sixty year old ballpark.

Let me put it this way…. Should I have kept sleeping on the same futon I had in college just because I had some magical moments of my own played out there? Heck no! I upgraded to the Historie rotating round bed with the cantilevered, padded headrest and satin and velvet crimson comforter the first opportunity I had. Once I added the custom made Egyptian 400 thread count shams, the memories got bigger and better if you know what I mean. Out with the old and in with the new baby!

Renowned stadiums like Wrigley and Fenway are known for their colorful characteristics, not their colorful places to sit. The only thing distinguishing about Rosenblatt is its triband seat coloring. What was your favorite feature of Rosenblatt? Was it the tiny walkways which congested like Hugo Reyes’ heart between innings? Maybe you liked the lack of leg room which forced you to get a face full of someone’s crotch when they take tiny sidesteps on their way to the aisle? Or are you a fan of the rusty, paint pealing urinal troughs in the men’s room? There is nothing eccentric or unique about the joint that makes it a great place to play or catch a game. I’d rather see teams play at the field from “Brewster’s Millions” where the train went through the outfield. At least that place had some personality.

You need to give up the ghost on Rosenblatt. You won’t be griping next spring after you’re sitting in the stands of the new ballpark.

What did you think about the Golden Spikes Award for the nation’s best amateur baseball player going to Bryce Harper considering he didn’t play DI baseball?

- Ronald K, Las Angeles , CA

Yasnani Grandal, you was robbed. That’s what I think.

I think Harper winning the Golden Spikes was the single greatest voting injustice since Marc Cohn upset Color Me Badd for Best New Artist in 1992. Bryan, Kevin, Mark and Sam should have that Grammy on their shelves and most certainly would have if CMB and Boys II Men hadn’t split the vote. They had five hit songs off their debut album and “I Adore Mi Amor” led to a number of the aforementioned magical futon moments from the first question.

I don’t give a hoot that Harper established conference homerun marks with a wood bat or surpassed the record for use of emotions inhis Facebook posts. The only thing that impresses me is how he is able to fill his face with so much eye-black that the Ultimate Warrior would tell him he needs to tone it down.

Harper amassed his numbers batting against pitchers from powerhouse teams like Gateway Community College (home of the Geckos!), the College of Eastern Utah (the Golden Eagles), the College of Southern Idaho (also the Golden Eagles) and eight games against the stat feeding friendly Colorado Northwestern Community College Spartans (who were 1-39 in conference).

Harper has shown he has the physical ability to play at the big league level, but stories of his attitude (not to mention images of his pseudo-mohawk and hot pink tie) are disturbing. Even the Google machine knows about his smug personality. Type in “Bryce Harper” and then type and “a” and “Bryce Harper Attitude” will be a suggestion. Put in his name and then type “co” and “Bryce Harper cocky” will be listed.

It’s not all his fault though. Being featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated when he was sixteen had to inflate his ego. That kind of fame and celebrity can charge a guy up too quick. When I was in middle school I was featured in “Highlights” magazine in an article on raising a gorilla baby. It wasn’t long after that the girls, the drugs and money started rolling in. I couldn’t take it. I admit it. I soon found myself unconscious in a West Hollywood alley with The Two Coreys. I wish to God that I would have had the mindset and support system to cope with the fame. Instead I’m writing for some third-rate Internet website instead of a national print magazine or hosting my own show on ESPN.

What happened to my beloved Texas Longhorns last season? With their touted pitching staff everyone had UT on the top of their preseason lists, but they didn’t make it to the Series. What’s the prognostication for 2011?

- Tiffani H, San Antonio , Texas

You answered the question yourself. It was Texas ‘ pitching that made them formidable, not the team as a whole. There just weren’t enough bats to propel the Texas team into the final eight. You need both pitching and hitting to advance to Omaha .

Pitching without hitting is like Ray Tango with Gabriel Cash. Sure Tango’s gonna kick some ass and put some bad boys behind bars, and Cash certainly was no slouch when it came to getting drugs off the street hiimself, but until they paired up they didn’t put that slimy kingpin Yves Perret in the pokey.

Like Tango’s styled hair and fancy wardrobe, the Horns pitching staff was slick and impressive. Starters Taylor Jungmann, Cole Green and Brandon Workman were the three piece suit and closer Chance Ruffin was the slicked back coif that shortened the game. Texas won a lot of games, but they needed that rugged t-shirt and jeans wearing offense that played by its own rules to advance to the final round. They put some runs on the board, but not the Cash type runs that are the signature of a champion.

Jungmann and Green will be back in the rotation next year and will be likely joined by Hoby Milner who has a lot of the Tango type attributes you look for in a pitcher. The offense still concerns me though. However they have a couple new freshmen named Dex Kjerstad and Jacob Felts and their names alone are enough for me to think that can be the rule bending, but not breaking, offensive stars that Gabe Cash would be proud of.