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Otter Night 2011

On Thursday night the MB Baseball team participated in the first ever Otter Night. Otter Night is a special night for MB Baseball. It is an opportunity for them to hangout beyond the field, but more importantly it is an opportunity for them to come together as one and declare their commitment to the team.

The event was held in the Otter Student Center. After eating a pizza dinner, the players were left to enjoy the facility. They played ping pong, air hockey, pool, Nintendo Wii, Dance Dance Revolution, foosball, and even the coaches got in the action with the old school sit-down arcade games.

After about an hour and a half of game playing, the players and coaches convened for the team building portion of the night. The players filled out cards that asked them to define words, set goals for the team, list how we are going to achieve those goals, state their favorite part of MB Baseball, and write down why the team is important to them.

The important part of the night came after the cards were filled out. The coaches all spoke to the team about their excitement and feelings about the squad. Then each player stood in front of the group and read their cards and added anything they felt was important. The speeches by the players were nothing short of amazing. They were filled with lots of laughs, choked up recollections, sharing of emotions, and proclamations of what this team is capable of. Each player gave their declaration of what they are going to do to make sure we achieve our goals.

Otter Night signals that the team has come together as one and are emotionally ready to begin the season. With the conclusion of double days and the beginning of the Spring semester on Monday, we are ready to start our games. A short 2 more weeks of practice and then we will take on Sonoma State in Rohnert Park on Friday, February 4th. Go Otters!!