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Game 1 Disappointment

Greetings Argo Nation!

Mickey and Dickey

Today started the NCAA South Region tournament, and unfortunately the Argos started with a loss to Nova Southeastern.  We fought hard, and had the bases juiced in the 9th, down 3, but ended the game with a double play.  A major disappointment, but none the less, we are still alive.  When you think about how unlikely it is for a team to come out of the losers bracket and win the tournament, you need only look at how unlikely it was for #8 seed Stillman to beat #1 Nationally ranked Tampa.  My point is, it can be done!  We battled until the last out today, and the cards just didn’t fall for us.

We stalked Big Papi at the mall...

Tournament host Tampa lost a stunning upset to Stillman College, which in a way motivates us.  We lost to Tampa in a game earlier in the year, 10-7, in a game that we beat ourselves.  So for now, it is time for redemption, because I am not ready to give up my Argo jersey’s.  Obviously Tampa is a very good team, but we aren’t phased, we will come out and lay it all on the line!

In my last post I said that Jordan Delorenzo and I were trying to find out play-off alias.  Well, the first movie we watched on the bus ride was, “The Fighter”, with Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale.  After the movie is was clear, Delo was Mickey, and I was Dickey.  Two brothers fighting our way to a championship!  I didn’t have to overcome a crack addiction, but it has worked well so far.  We talk in a cool Boston accent, and walk around working on our punch combo (Head/Body/Head/Body).

Rally Chicken

Game time is set for 1:15 tomorrow, and look for something special to happen.  The rally chicken I bought just had to warm up a little before he really gets things going!

P.s.  Special shout out to my sweet baby Jesus, Austin Allison, of Samford University.  The bulldogs have won back-to-back games against the University of Florida and Oklahoma.  Trying to make a push to the play-offs!  Keep it up!


Thanks for all the support ARGO NATION!

Philip Ebert #36