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Playoff Time

Delo trying to pick up chicks at the Blue Wahoos game.

It has been a month and half since my last post, “April Tools”.  April was a time to make a push to the playoffs, trying to put the team in a good position to make a regional.  Well, the Argos did just this.  After the NCAA selection show on Sunday night, the Argos were selected with the #4 seed in the South Region.  We will take on Nova Southeastern University for the first time in school history.

UWF Athlete Banquet

Throughout the last 6 weeks since my last post, I managed to finish up my student teaching, and graduated college with a Bachelor of Arts, in Elementary and Special Education.  A very gratifying experience, but none the less, a terrifying one.  I have a path in mind; teaching 5th grade in Pensacola.  But………. I have been searching on the NCAA websites for open coaching positions, and will be applying to every one that I see fit.  My ultimate goal is to be a college coach, and I know I can be a damn good one!  I may not be as qualified as most applicants for some of these jobs, but the way I look at it is, I 100% won’t get the job if I don’t apply.  So for now, I’m living the dream… a college graduate, getting to play  baseball everyday and continuing to make memories with my teammates.

Our team has a great opportunity ahead, we know we most certainly have the ability to win this South Region tournament, it will come down to playing 4/5 great games in a row!  We are going to need some luck, and the way I see it, luck generally comes to teams that work the hardest.

My parents made the trip for Senior Day at the Spoon.

On a positive note, Senor Stache has returned, and is ready to lead the way to victory.  Along with my newly dyed mustache, freshmen Jordan Delorenzo’s dyed facial hair is setting the standard this year.  He resembles a 19 year old Carl Pavano.  We are in the process of coming up with our playoff alias, I wanted the “Bash Brother’s” but Delo quickly shot that down.  He said it was already in use by a few players from the Mighty Ducks (circa 1990′s).  One thing is for sure, people will tremble when they see us, and they will beg Delo not to throw his 74 mph fastball high and tight.

Ryan Day has had #swag since day one!

Check back everyday for our regional updates and experiences.  I’ll definitely get a picture of me and Delo with our facial perfection. Most importantly, GO ARGOS!

Philip Ebert 36