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(Not) Catching Up

I started the 2012 college baseball season with the intention of blogging frequently, then life got in the way. Senior year of college is anything but a cake walk. The last few weeks I have been swamped with baseball,. homework, and trying to find a job for the future.

I have accepted a press officer position with the USA Baseball 18U National Team for this summer, and was a finalist for a sports media relations position in San Antonio that I eventually did not get, so I have some things going on that front, but nothing permanent yet.

As for baseball, man, it has been a roller coaster season. We have had great winning streaks, and tough losing streaks. After climbing the conference and regional rankings over the last month, we dropped six straight games this week against top-ranked competition.

While the momentum we had rolling has been squashed, as a team we are not down, we are not out. With ten games left on our schedule, we are right in the thick of the race to the postseason. If we can get things going in the right direction this weekend against Northern State University in Aberdeen, South Dakota, then we have a chance to play bonus baseball.

While I would love to update all of you on the happenings of the season so far, I don’t want to post an entire novel on here in one blog. Instead, I am going to try and write frequently over the next couple of weeks, both updating on our currents days, and sharing stories from the season.

We will see how it goes, I definitely have plenty to do with graduation two weeks away!