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Travel Experiences

It has been weeks since my last post and I know that is sloppy but I now have one coherent thought to discuss. The start of the baseball season! A lot has happened since I last blogged, we took a trip down to South Carolina as well as a trip to New York. Our record stands at 5-2 but that does nothing to describe what has gone on for us Ravens.

I’ll be focusing this post on traveling and the things that us college guys do to entertain ourselves on 18 hour bus rides, or six hour shuttle runs. As you will find out the mode of transportation is vital in determining our source of entertainment. Our coach bus ride down to South Carolina was an overnight affair that consisted of movies, cards, the introduction of a few games(cavaleri, at least that’s how I think it’s spelled), password and mind numbing boredom.

I’ll begin with explaining the game of cavaleri. It’s Medeival at best, the goal of the game is to start at the front of the bus and make your way to the back of the bus. The part of this game that makes is that every other teammate on the bus is attempting to stop you from touching the back wall. Why? Because the reward is a nice dinner from each and every bus mate. Over the course of the day freshman were dog piled, sophomores thrust to the ceiling, and juniors well they’re too salty to make an attempt. I should add though that in my history of bus trips(4 years) only one man has successfully made it to the back of the bus. That man is Doug Elliot, a red-shirt junior at the time, he was smart enough to bring enough snacks and deserts on the bus to fully occupy everyone of us starving ball players to proudly yell cavaleri and make it high-stepping to the back of the bus untouched by 34 sets of arms.

My favorite rides occur when we use the shuttles as our form of transportation. These shuttles fit up to 14 players and provide a much more personal atmosphere than the spread out coach buses. Why is this my favorite ride? Because it provides the perfect set-up for a game we play called “Mafia”. This game deserves a well drawn out explanation. It requires roughly 12 men to play and 1 narrator. The game consists of 3 mafia members, 1 cop, 1 doctor, and the rest of the players serve as townspeople. The goal of the game is for the mafia members to move from the minority to the majority and they do this by lying and deceiving like Fletcher Reede. The game is played in rounds with everyone putting their heads down in between the rounds for the Mafia to murder one unlucky soul, the cop to seek out Mafia members, and the doctor to choose a person to save from certain death. After each special role has made their act everyone raises their heads and opens their eyes to listen to the narrator describe a gruesome murder orchestrated by the Mafia. After the story is told the round is open to debate as to which participant should be voted out of the game.

My explanation of Mafia may be confusing but the point is this game may get more rowdy than cavaleri, bringing out the best in peoples acting ability as well as the worst in ones character. My sophomore year I was fooled in the last round by a fake hamstring cramp  by our starting third baseman Mike Olt. Obviously I haven’t let that one go….I hope you enjoyed this post a little more and I’m going to work on obtaining footage of these wonderful games and other happenings that our team is able to drum up.