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Lazy Sunday Morning

The Golden Bears have made it to Tucson, Arizona. Through planes and vans, we pulled into the Holiday Inn late Friday night. There was just enough time to grab food before retiring to our rooms for the night.

Yesterday, was a day off. Sort of. In college baseball we have one off day a week, as per NCAA rules, but since we have multiple off days down here, we used yesterday to practice. It was great to get out in the sunshine and throw the baseball around. We stretched, went through our respective throwing assignments, took infield–outfield practice, and finally the hitters took on field batting practice for the first time this spring.

Personally, I played catch out to about 120 feet, wanting to stretch out my arm beingĀ  the first time outside all year, but not wanting to cause any fatigue for a possible relief appearance in tonight’s double header. Taking infield–outfield outside for the first time took some getting used to. Even though we take I–O almost everyday, it is impossible to simulate the perfect dimensions of a baseball field. It’s great to be outside.

Since practice ended at 2:00 p.m., we did get the chance to spend some quality time by the pool and catch some sun. Some guys better learn to mix in some sunscreen or it will be a long and painful week for them. Oh the fair skin of the Minnesotans.

Last night we had a team meeting to discuss how we want this season to go, and I think everyone that was in the room is now on the same page. We are ready to go, excited to get on the field, and all sharing one goal: win.

Tonight we take on Southwest Minnesota State, an in-conference opponent, at the Kino Sports Complex here in Tucson. While these are not conference games, they do count for in-region rankings, and are definitely important in our pursuit of a championship.

Tonight we are starting our top two guys. They have both taken the ball every weekend the last three years, so we are on good shape on the mound. These are two seven inning games, so they both have an opportunity to work deep into the game and really save our bullpen for the rest of the week, but I know personally, and the rest of the bullpen guys, we are itching to get out there and jump into the action.

We know Southwest Minnesota State will be throwing there best guys as well, so it should be a great battle. It will be a great test of where we stand in the NSIC and in the Central Region.

It has been a lazy Sunday morning. We got up and ate a great breakfast buffet here at the hotel. Because we have a game tonight, there is no reason to head to the pool tonight; therefore, we have spent our morning watching college basketball, National Treasure playing on USA Network, and surfing Facebook and Twitter. I did read a few chapters of “Out of My League” by Dirk Hayhurst. An absolute great baseball book. Night games always make for lazy mornings.

Well, game time is drawing ever closer, it is go time.

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-Go Golden Bears-