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Return of Senor Stache!

Hola beisbol enthusiast and #Argonation!

A lot has been happening since my last blog.  Life is busy, lots of things going on.  A wise man once told me, that life is a journey, not a destination.  The Argos and myself are trying to enjoy this sometimes stressful journey.  Despite an offensive that is seemingly still in hibernation, we have managed to begin the season 6-1, and currently on a 6 game win streak.

The way in which these victories have come could be mind boggling to some.  To us, they are victories.  Could we do better? Of course, everybody could.  But are we happy to be 6-1? Of course, anybody would be.  Its hard to really judge our season based on looking at the numbers, because when you do you can’t help but think, “wait, are you sure they are 6-1, and not 1-6″?  The team batting average is a whopping .257, but we have been pitching great and playing good defense, which is the backbone of our program.

Jr. Drew Bryson *Photo by Chris Nelson

After 7 games, there has been a definite separation of what some players roles will be at this point of the season.  Junior Lefty, but more importantly one of my “littles” on the team, Drew Bryson (Wallace State-Hanceville CC)  has been strong out of the pen for us!  He comes in throwing strikes and has a mid 90′s fastball.  Also a pleasant surprise out of the pen has been Freshmen Jordan DeLorenzo (Winter Park, Fla.).  DeLo has assumed the role of Luke Skywalker, while I am Master Yoda.  As a baby lion cub must learn from its parents the basic ways of life, DeLo is soaking up my knowledge.  For example, on a crucial strikeout, there needs to be an occasional “TAKE A SEAT, MEAT” from the dugout, and DeLo has hit the ground running.  I see a bright future for this kid, as long as he doesn’t leave school to start giving dancing lessons at the local retirement home.

Zach North and myself at the CWS. Good Times

If you had followed the blogs from last year, you would know based on my descriptive imagery, and occasional movie clip that I am the quote, “Fungo Master”.  For every Fungo Master, there must be a Master Catch-Man.  Last year, the Undisputed Champion was Zach North.  No doubt about it!  If you think its hard replacing 12 seniors, imagine having to pick 1 person out of 40 to replace a catch man like North.  It’s impossible. But despite all odds, I found my guy.  Sophomore transfer, Dan Husum (Wallace State CC).  His potential is limitless, and he can “pick it like a booger” as I say.  That means he is good at catching the ball on a short hop, a tough quality to find in an individual.

Jordan DeLorenzo showing his moves

Previously this week, the Argo Baseball team made a guest appearance to the Azalea Trace retirement community for their annual Valentine’s Day Dance.  It was a great opportunity for the team to do something out of the sometimes monotonous routine of going to sleep at 10, waking up at 6, going to school until 3, then baseball until 5 everyday.  Oh wait…… that’s just me.  But seriously, it was great to go to this event and it really was a great opportunity to socialize and dance with these older women.  Some of the players could definitely learn a thing or two from some of these ladies.  They may be old, but they can still move!  OH BABY!

Coming this weekend, will be the toughest test thus far for the Argo Baseball team.  We are traveling South to Lakeland, Fl to take on Florida Southern College.  FSC always has a very competitive squad, and considering the way we have competed over the past 2 seasons, it is this amateur blogger, and future teachers opinion that this weekend will not be any different.

One last thing……….  THE STACHE IS BACK!!!  BOOM!

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Philip Ebert “Señor Stache”

GO ARGOS!  #ArgoNation