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Senior Season!

Yo yo yo!!!  Greetings to all of my followers, and future subscribers.  The 2012 season is underway, and the University of West Florida Argonauts will be working on defending our 2011 National Championship!  First on the schedule was Flagler College, in St. Augustine, FL.  Flagler always has a good scrappy team, and this year wasn’t any different.  For the second consecutive year they handed us our first loss of the year.

Argo Legend Brandon Brewer taking time out for the little people.

The same pitcher that beat us last year, chopped up and diced our lineup into little pieces.  We didn’t hit well, but despite a few pitchers errors we still should have won. We lost the opening game of the year 4-3, and had two more opportunities to win a game and take the series.

Leading the way for the Argos this weekend was Game 2 pitcher, Josh Tanksi.  Tanksi is a JUCO transfer from Pensacola State College, and an Apopka, FL native.  Tank is a lefty pitcher who throws from over the top and from the side.  Most importantly, he is one of my “littles” that we are assigned at the beginning of the year.  After being at UWF for 5 years, my “family tree” has blossomed into a beautiful Palm tree.

Offensively for the Argos, Dustin Sauloman and Andrew Rodriquez led the way.  I wonder what is a bigger thrill, getting your first hit as an Argo, or a first mention in my blog???  Arod almost left in a body bag (3 hit by pitches), but, he cranked a triple in the gap, and a blooper that he hustled out of the box and stretched it into a double.  We surely can’t forget the foul laser bomb show.  Arod has become a newly recruited member of the “Brother’s Union”.  It is an exclusive, and EXTREMELY TOP SECRET cult that meets annually at secret restaurant for a secret “Brothers Zinger”.  I wish I could elaborate more into the specifics of this group, but if I did, every team in the country would benefit, and probably win a National Championship.  Sorry, but I’m not sorry!

Brothers Union during Fall Recruitment! Ebert, Bennett, Arod, Day

A little about the absence of my weekly writings.  For those that didn’t know, this is my last semester of college.  I have been going to school to become a teacher and will be receiving a dual major in Special Education and Elementary Education.  I am currently doing my Student Teaching, which consist of a 15 week program where I basically become the teacher of a class.  I am teaching in a 5th grade class, and loving every minute of it, but time to do anything other than planning or baseball is extremely hard to come by.  I’m up every morning at 6am, teaching until 3:00, straight to practice until about 5:00, then planning for the next day.  Before I know it, its 10:00 and time for bed!  Basically, I have 2 full-time jobs.  On a positive note, my class did well on their Math and Reading test last week. haha  It’s been a great experience! During my fall semester I was taking a tennis class, yoga class, and easy health class, so having a demanding schedule with baseball on top of that has FORCED me to take A LOT more responsibility and be 100% more organized than I ever have before.

This Argo player must be scared of being hit my a pitch at the local 7/11

Baseball really is helping to keep me sane, I don’t really get a lot of time at the field because of teaching.  I’m about 45 minutes late everyday, but when I’m out there I try to make the most of my time out there to get better, and continue to forge the bond that our team needs to become a championship caliber team.  Do we have a team like last year???  NO!  Do we have a team that can be as good as that team???  YES!  We have all the tools, but it will ultimately come down to people accepting their role, and playing for the team, not for themselves.

In deep thought about why the Argos lost!

This weekend we open at home against Rollins College.  They always have a good team, and this will be another tough test on our schedule as we begin our marathon to Cary, NC.











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