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No, this is not a 1960′s Batman Fight scene, but a group of words, we in the teaching profession call, “onomatopoeia”.  To me, it is a culmination of words that are trying to get the point across that the Division II College Baseball season is almost upon us!

Greetings baseball fans!  Welcome to the first addition of my 2012 blog.

A little background for those who are not familiar with my story… First of all, my name is Philip Ebert.  I am a 22 year old sidearm pitcher for the 2011 Defending National Champion, University of West Florida.  This will be my 5th and final year with the Argonauts, and it has been quite the ride.  From my first 3 years of being a struggling outfielder, to last year where I took on the role of sidearm pitcher to give myself a better chance of seeing the field, and now my final year, fighting for the opportunity to come out of the bullpen to get ground balls.

The Terminator (Me)

My career has been rocky, but all the hard work and struggles paid off when we won the DII CWS last year in Cary, NC.  I am an emotional and vocal leader on my team, and anyone who has been around me knows that all I want to do is win!  I only threw 2 innings last year, but my success wasn’t measured in my ERA or any stats, but how I earned my teammates respect.  As the writers of CBLINEUP posted in the DII Preseason Poll, “Perhaps most importantly, UWF has senior sidearm pitcher Philip Ebert back in the dugout. He only pitched in a pair of games, but his infectious optimistic personality helped the Argos gel last season and ultimately win the DII Championship”.  It is my goal to get better everyday on the mound to get myself into the game, but also be able to create chemistry on a team that has a lot of new faces!

How do I do it?  Honestly, I don’t really know… but that is the beauty of having a new team every year.  Let’s be clear about something, this years team is nothing like last years team, or the year before that… this years team hasn’t won anything!  NO ONE HAS!  But this team has as much ability as any team that has ever worn the UWF Jersey!

We had a very VERY competitive fall season.  With 40 players, there is a lot of depth in a lot of areas… especially pitchers, outfield, and corner infield. 

I’m going to try to do something a little different this year, and help everyone across the country get to know the UWF players better by providing a little Q & A session with each player and post it on the blog.  In addition, I’m going to try and continue to post videos on youtube.  This gives people a real chance to see what it is like to be a college baseball player.  That was the original reason why I started this blog a year ago.

For those that have followed since last year, my last post was from Oregon during the middle of my summer league.  What a GREAT experience it was to be able to play baseball in California all summer!  Statistically, not the best pitching performances, but such a great summer!  I have to give a shoutout to all my boys of the Walnut Creek Crawdads!  We had a great summer, and we all stay in touch on facebook.  “BLL for Life”


The season is fast approaching and we have a good squad.  We did lose 12 seniors, and 2 junior signs, but it’s time to turn the page and we’ve started a new chapter.  Key players who are returning for the Argos are 3B Josh “HugBear” Huggins, 2B Leo “Old Man” Lamarche, LF Taye Larry, SP Kevin Peters, RP Jordan “Beard” Rasinski, INF Justin “Boots” Bennett, OF Ryan “Fratboy” Day, INF Korey “Pita Pit” Domenick, and P ERIC “SLOANER” SLOAN.

Coming in to fill the void of the pieces we lost last year are OF Andrew “PACO” Rodriquez, INF J.R. “TeddyBear” Pryor, Jake “GreenApple” Stephens, OF/DH Max “Beast Mode” St. Hilaire, C  Garrett “HULK” Flynn, and P Josh “Tank” Tanksi.

There is no doubt that this team has talent, and that we are all on board to do one thing, REPEAT!

This is going to be a crazy, fun filled year, and weather we win or lose, we’ll do it the right way, THE ARGO WAY!


Justin Bennett

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