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Fall coming to an end, World Series begins Friday

It has been an exciting Fall for the MB Baseball squad. There is a different feeling in the air now, our second leading this program. Last year we were really trying to learn our roster and figure out the direction we needed to go with that squad. We were recruiting at a feverish pace and working tirelessly to put a system in place that could bring long term stability and success to the program, and also provide us with some more short term gratification by increasing our win totals. We were definitely able to achieve those goals, and it has culminated with the roster we now have. It is a talented, deep, dynamic, and exciting roster. We have all those physical attributes, but the mark of this team is its chemistry and it’s devotion to our program and each other. On the practice field, in the classroom, and in the weight room, this group is showing it is committed to being great. Things are starting to “click,” and this group is showing on a daily basis that we have good reason to be excited about them. We aren’t there yet, but if we continue at this pace, great things will be happening shortly.

Our Fall World Series begins Friday. The teams are split and it is exciting for the coaching staff to see the boys compete. Parents are also excited to see some games, and it looks like we will have big crowds the next couple of weekends to watch the games. On Saturday we will host our Scout Day, where we expect representatives from most Major League Baseball teams. We have some intriguing pro prospects, and the baseball community in Northern California is really excited about our prospects so they came make some visits to come see us in beautiful Monterey Bay.

Our Fall practices will end on Saturday, November 12th with the 7th game of the Fall World Series. That night we will host “A Night with Otter Baseball.” The fundraiser dinner will feature a full course buffet dinner, a silent auction, and a raffle. The night will also serve as a spring board and social event to get the parents involved in everything we are doing with this program. We are excited about the potential this night represents and we look forward to seeing everyone next weekend.

These are exciting times at CSUMB. Our program has come so far, so fast, and it is taking a tremendous group effort to continue the push that this program is feeling. We can’t wait to take the field on February 3rd so we can display everyone’s hard work.