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Back in the Swing of Things

We are two weeks into the Fall semester and a week deep on workouts, and the march to our school’s first championship is officially on. It has been a very busy couple of weeks getting everyone settled, get classes and other academic issues taken care of, and getting our workouts started. Everyone is on track and ready to begin our long march to a title.

Our massive group of freshman, 14 of them, are starting to adjust to being on their own and getting used to the demands of a college schedule. It is much different than high school… they are expected to follow a strict schedule and be on time and ready to execute at all times. They are also learning that there are much higher standards for student-athletes at our university… they are given some special treatment as athletes, but with that, they are expected to represent our university and baseball team at all times. We are extremely confident that this group will continue to grow together and really be something special for this university.

Rounding out the 23 signee recruiting class are the junior college and Division I transfers. The transfers have already integrated seamlessly into our system and they look to have a huge impact on our fortunes.

The returners look like they took the summer very seriously. Our entire squad is in very good physical shape, which is an encouraging sign. Championship teams are always at work, and we are excited that our guys used the summer to work on their conditioning and are ready to come together to achieve our goals.

We continue with group work through September and then we will start full team practices. I’ll keep everyone updated on different events surrounding MB Baseball as they come up. We appreciate everyone’s support!