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Random Thoughts and Musings

There has been such a drop off in offensive numbers during this CWS that Imodium A-D should be a sponsor due to the lack of runs.

No one should be surprised that a pair of SEC teams are in the driver’s seat.  How incredible is it that the top two performing teams in the CWS are not just in the same conference, but the same division.  Actually, you need to drop some kudos on Vanderbilt too – if it weren’t for a single swing of the bat, they could be undefeated as well.  The players and fans from the Southeastern Conference simply know how to bring it.  Their dugouts have the most chatter and their fans are unquestionably the loudest.  Florida and South Carolina even brought their mascots. Here’s to hoping the Gators (or Commodores) and Gamecocks meet up for the championships series.

It’s amazing how famous Jackie Bradley Jr. around Omaha.  I thought last year that he could run for mayor if he wanted to.  This year I think he could be governor. There is a huge banner of him behind centerfield and as large as it is, it doesn’t seem to do him justice.  How does he find time to reply to so many people on Twitter?  When he was injured was his wrist replaced with Luke Skywalker cyborg robot parts included to directly connect him to the Internet?

Pete Rose was here on Monday.  If you bought a hat from Lids he would autograph it for you.  After much debate I decided I’d buy one as I had been a monster “Charlie Hustle” fan as a kid.  To my dismay the inflated price tag on the cap was over $37 with tax so I torpedoed that idea.  I wasn’t going to pay that much for Rose’s signature (although that’s actually probably a steal for how much he usually charges).  However the biggest mind blower was why people were paying that much have Pete Rose sign a Texas Longhorns or College World Series cap considering he is from Ohio and didn’t finish high school.  I did however swipe the Diet Pepsi he was drinking so look for it on eBay soon!

Speaking of autographs, Rose wasn’t the only baseball legend in town.  Rod Carew, Robin Yount, Mike Schmidt and Jack Clark (a bit of stretch to be a legend, he was barely a star) were also in the house.  Of the four I believe only Schmidt played baseball in college (his Ohio Bobcats made it to the CWS in the early 70’s).  It was cool that these players were in town, but corporate branding only allowed fans to have them sign pictures with AT&T logos on it.  I saw one little boy present a ball to Carew only to have some corporate executive shoot him down before Carew’s outstretched hand could collect it.  Shame.  I saw something similar with Rose.  He could only sign Lids hats for people; however one person who purchased a dozen hats was allowed to have Rose sign a jersey.  Why did you bring those players here, AT&T?  Was it for the fans or for the money?

When they built the new downtown baseball stadium there was some thought that it may bring in more black fans as the majority of African-Americans in Omaha live just to the north of the stadium.  That has not happened.  I jokingly posted a tweet earlier in the week that when South Carolina played the number of black people in attendance doubled due to Jackie Bradley Jr. and DeSean Anderson being on the diamond.  Sadly, this is not that much of an exaggeration as many of the black people at TD Ameritrade are ticket scalpers not fans.  In a related side note, it was nice to see former Grambling Head Coach Wilbert Ellis honored during the game on Monday.  I don’t know what it will take to get more minorities involved in college baseball, but let’s keep looking.

The Big 12 going 0-4.  Who that coming? With that being said I’m especially disappointed to see Texas go.  Not because of anything to do with their players or coaches, but because they had one female fan who (seemingly) wore nothing on her top except for a strategically placed Stetson hat. Everything is bigger and better in Texas.

There seems to be record number of tailgaters this year.  The bulk of them have settled in Lot D just to the east of the stadium.  Unfortunately, many of the new tailgaters are dudes in their mid 20’s who seem to have some sort of medical aversion to wearing their shirts.  They also play a lot of cornhole with a Jagerbomb in their nonthrowing hand. They should add a “Bags” to the end of the lot name they are partying in.

My verdict is still out on Jenn Brown as a replacement for Erin Andrews.  Erin was getting a little too big for Omaha.  Wherever she went there would be catcalls, drunk guys (probably many of who are in Lot D now) pestering for her and people yelling for her to put on one of her skimpy Dances with the Stars outfits.  Now Orel Hershiser is getting all those requests.