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One Win Away From The Ship!

Tuesday’s game could be characterized as extremely “emotionally draining”.  As the heavy, musty fog poured into Coleman Field in Cary, NC the Argos had a commanding 5 run lead over Sonoma State and Jason Postill was cruising.  Postill threw the ball well on Tuesday, and definitely gave our team a great opportunity to win the game!  The offense got going with a CLUTCH 1 out, 2 strike base hit by Josh Huggins.  With runners on 2nd and 3rd, Huggins hit a ball foul that the right fielder intentionally let drop so the run wouldn’t score.  A few pitches later, Huggins drove a ground ball into right field to plate the first 2 runs of the game!  A great at-bat that really started everything for the team.

Jason Postill: courtesy of PNJ

We eventually scored 5 runs, and Postill ran into a little trouble in the 7th inning.  With one out and the bases juiced, Coach Jeffcoat called to the bullpen and brought in the Bearded Giant, Jordan “Big Beard” Raskinski.  Jordan came in throwing gas, but let one slip and drilled the hitter in the hand.  I would imagine his hand did not feel good after a 94 mph fastball off the knuckles.  Jordan settled down and threw a jam sandwich to the next batter and he grounded out for a huge out.  Another runner scored, and the Coach brought in the All-American Closer, Shane Waller.

With 2 outs in the 7th, a shallow fly ball was hit to left, and Taye Larry dropped the ball.  Taye wears clear prescription oakley glasses during the games, and with the foggy conditions he has constantly had to wipe his glasses off and this could have been the reason for the drop.  Regardless of what happened, the next batter got out and the score was 5-4.

Both teams failed to score any runs in the 8th, and the stage was set for the top of the 9th!  Waller had already thrown more pitches than he had all year, and he was far from over.  Lets fast forward to runners on 1st and 2nd with 1 out, Waller walked the teams best hitter.  The next batter struck out, and Waller was running on E!  Based loaded, with Sonoma State’s all-time hits leader up to bat, and a 2-2 count.  Waller took a deep breath, channeled his inner beard strength and delivered a fastball on the black that the batter took, and STRIKE THREE!  GAME OVER!  We rushed the mound to celebrate with an exhausted Waller.  With sweat pouring from every part of this body, it took Waller 67 pitches to get his toughest save of the year, and the biggest win of our lives.

Shane Waller: courtesy of PNJ

We used our much needed off-day to rest, and we worked out at Duke University.  After our workout we toured Cameron Indoor Stadium, which was awesome!  It’s hard to imagine a tougher atmosphere to play in for college basketball.  After Duke, we returned to UNC Chappel Hill to view the Smith Center, and recently opened North Carolina Basketball Museum.  After seeing that, I’m glad I decided not to play basketball at Duke or North Carolina.. It would have been too difficult of a choice.  P.s. I’m an awful basketball player…

Big Game against Mount Olive College on Thursday!  It is going to be a hot day, and everybody will need to be ready!  One more win and we play for a National Championship!  Loving all the support we are getting from Pensacola, and my Twitter followers!  Keep it coming!




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