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Argos Dominate In Game One of CWS!

In true Argonaut fashion we came out with great pitching and defense.  All-American Danny Vargas had his Roy Halladay mojo going and tossed 8 shut out innings allowing 2 hits.  A dominating performance once again, and he improves his record to 15-1.  Zach North came in to pitch in the 9th and escaped with no runs.  It was great for Zach to get into the game because his family was only able to stay for the first game, and as a senior this would be the last time his family got to see him pitch.  They should be very proud.

During the game, All-American Greg Pron broke the record that most people thought wouldn’t be broken for a long time.  Pron broke the career hits record with his 288th career hit!  Pron is my roommate on the road, so I continually reminded him how many away he was and that the power of my sock will bring him to the promise land.  He’s used about 4 of my socks throughout the last 2 months.  They were my socks when I was an outfielder, so the only thing that makes sense to me is that with each pair of socks, there is a certain number of hits in each pair… and I barely used up any of them, so there are plenty left in them!  The same goes for Taye Larry wearing number 2, I’ve told him all year that there are plenty of hits still left in that number.

It was a GREAT team victory, winning 13-0 against a team with the best ERA in the country, and against a pitcher was voted First team All-America.  It was obvious who the better team was, and that Danny deserved that honor.  Dustin Lawley had a great game with 4 hits, and everyone in the lineup did something to help us win the game.  I also have to give the Latino Sensation, Justin Bennett some credit for a great pinch hit 2 RBI single in his CWS debut!

The team is off today, and we are going to UNC Chapel Hill to do some sight seeing and continue to soak in everything that there is to offer at the College World Series!  Thanks to everyone in Pensacola who was watching the game last night!  I hope my Stache looked good on T.V.

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