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Power of the Stache!


Thursday was the beginning of the South Regional and it was difficult to get a good night of sleep! I was up early, around 7:30 to get up to the field.  One of my responsibilities on the team is to put up the American Flag before each game with Houston Brown.  Only the freshmen were supposed to be at the field early, but I wasn’t going to allow anyone to touch the flag… bad voodoo!

On the 18th, Jordan Rasinski and I bought black beard dye to make our facial hair stick out better.  Jordan has been growing his beard all season, and resembles All-Star closer, Brian Wilson.  I don’t have the good fortune of growing a thick beard, so I settled for a solid mustache.  For a blond guy, a black stache sticks out and while walking around town I’ve been getting a lot of double takes.  Five words for everyone to absorb: FEAR THE BEARD and STACHE!

Game 1 ended in a 10-1 victory over Stillman College.  For the first time in a while, the team had a different energy that most teams experience before their first game!  Any athlete knows what feeling I’m talking about.  The feeling of being nervous, anxious, and ready to prove something!

Korey Domenick and Brandon Brewer were the offensive leaders in game one, while Ben Hawkins shut down the Tigers.  Hawkins allowed 1 run over 8 innings!  We scored 2 runs in the first inning, and the team kept great energy throughout the rest of the game!  The attitude of the team felt like how it was when we were trying to prove to the country we were the number 1 team!  Rankings don’t matter now, but the energy we brought was contagious!  Pensacola stepped up and came out to the ballpark!  It was easily the most people we’ve had at a game this year, and I hope the support continues!