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One More Day!

Tuesday’s practice was the last real practice we were going to have before our game on Thursday.  While workers were putting the last touches on the field to make it as perfect as it could be before the tournament, we were forced to have to work around all the chaos.

We started practice by hitting on the field, but had to stop because of the workers in the outfield.  Hitters were sent to the cages while pitchers got to hit fungos to infielders.  I think it would be safe to say that I am the best fungo hitter on the team.  There are many people out there that think they are better, but the infielders wouldn’t lie when they say they prefer me hitting to them.

With that being said, I’m taking fifty percent of the credit for our stellar defense!  Twenty-five percent goes to Coach Pat Cottrell, twenty percent to Coach Jeffcoat for our 21 out drill, and the final five percent will be the errors that are attributed to Coach Kyle Brown.

Pitchers then did some PFP’s (pitchers fielding practice).  Everything that we do on the field during practice is done at game speed.  This is what has set us apart from all of the other teams we’ve played this year.  We will never face a situation in a game that we haven’t prepared for during practice… we may not make the play every time, but there’s no doubt that we have prepared like champions.

As we closed out practice, we took some time to reflect back on some funny memories we’ve been apart of this year.  It was fun for me to hear some of the things that have happened throughout my four years at UWF!  Our team is ready for Thursday, and with a 30-1 record at home, I like our odds!   GO ARGOS!

Philip Ebert #36