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New Season Starts Thursday!

While sitting in the Argonaut Athletic Club on Sunday, waiting to find out if our baseball team would be hosting its first ever NCAA Division II Regional, a sense of pride and excitement overtook the room.  For me personally, I had the sense of unfinished business.

I want to win!  I want to do whatever it takes to win!  I want our team to play the way we played while trying to prove we were the best team in the country!  We have a close team, the closest I’ve ever been apart of, and I know many other players would say the same!

Our goal all along was to put UWF in a position to host the regional, because history has shown that the hosting team has the best chance of going to the College World Series.  It makes sense; we practice there every day, play the majority of our games there, and have put countless hours into making it one of the most premier facilities in all of college baseball!

Our team is full of oddballs and we each have our own individual routines and superstitions.   One funny thing we do is screaming “CODE RED,” which means everybody drops to the ground when a plane flies overhead.

A month ago, while playing at the University of Alabama-Huntsville, Greg Pron had a sock that had stretched and would not stay on his leg.  So, I offered one of my socks because I brought another pair.  Since that weekend, Pron has been one of the hottest hitters in baseball!  Coincidence? I don’t think so!

My socks are magical, but only one at a time. Jason Postill found out that wearing two of my socks worked in the opposite way.  He had a sketchy start in the conference tournament, but has been adamant in wanting to get back on the mound!

The team was disappointed with the loss at the conference tournament, but don’t think for a second we won’t be ready to compete in the regional for the chance to go to the World Series!  We know there are things that need to be covered before Thursday, and we only a few more days to get things right.

One thing that Coach Jeffcoat brought to our attention was during this type of tournament, you cannot worry about who gets the credit!  The credit will take care of itself when there is a picture of the team piling up next to the pitchers mound!  Everyone needs to be on the same page so we can get the train going in right direction!

There are been a lot of renovations going on at Jim Spooner Field!  The scoreboard has been outfitted with new “West Florida” billboards and banners.  All of the buildings have been retro fitted with new paint jobs, and best of all we have a brand new professional mound!  The mound has been built up and looks legit!

Be sure to follow the Argonauts at WWW.GOARGOS.COM for complete updates throughout the tournament!


-Philip Ebert