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Game time!

John became Pitt’s all-time scoring leader last weekend in a win over Georgetown. 

Hello Everyone,

It’s been almost a month since my last posting, and for that I apologize. As many student-athletes will tell you, it’s extremely difficult to keep up with the “student” aspect of college while in season. Since baseball spends more time on buses and hotels than any other collegiate team due to our extensive schedule, sometimes I need a sabbatical to play catch up with classes. However, the good news is that final examinations are next week, and after that I am a free man. Being a senior, I just endured my final class as an undergrad this morning at 8 a.m. Overall, I’m pretty pumped about that.

Since it’s been a while and past game details are difficult to remember, I’m going to save everyone the frustration of misinformation by just posting past game scores prior to now.

at         Connecticut                 L 7-0              

at         Connecticut                 L 9-2  

at         Connecticut                 W 4-0 

            Ohio                            L 9-4  

            Notre Dame                W 6-5

            Notre Dame                W 3-2

            Notre Dame                L 8-6

at         Cleveland St.              W 13-5

at         Kent State                   L 9-5

            Villanova                     W 15-6

            Villanova                     W 9-5

            Villanova                     W 7-3

at         Penn State                   L 5-4

at         Georgetown                W 15-9

at         Georgetown                W 13-4

at         Georgetown                L 3-2

            Youngstown St.          W 7-2

So, 17 games and 10 wins later, our team currently stands at an overall record of 22-13 and 8-4 in the Big East, which is good enough for a tie for second place.

Up next for PITT is a home series against Rutgers, starting tonight at 6 p.m. This game marks the first “Pack the Petersen Sports Complex event” which includes a $250 prize for the fan with most school spirit. Since the latest season of Jersey Shore is over (no pun intended since we’re playing Rutgers), we’re anticipating a crowd of crazily clad fans to fluster our fist-pumping foes.

Using the fist-pumping personification, I’ll transition into my shout-out section: 

  1. First shout-out goes to the ridiculous hairstyles that have been popping up on our team as of late. In the locker room yesterday I think I counted 3 faux-hawks, 2 mullets, and as Jersey Shore would call it, “a great big blowout.” Which leads me to my next point: I would like to make sure PITT security realizes that although New Jersey native Alex Caravella looks like he’s not from PITT due to his horrendous hairstyle, he actually is on our team. It might be difficult to differentiate, but please let him in our locker room. He’s not trying to sabotage us.
  2. A special shout-out and thank you goes to everyone who contributed to the First Pitch Event against Villanova, christening the opening of our new ballpark. It was awesome to see all of the supporters of PITT baseball and contributors to the new ballpark in attendance. Without their efforts, the dream of a new sports complex would have never been realized.
  3. Another thank you goes out to PITT football for sending us some of their spikes to use on the new turf field. They’re lightweight, breathable, and comfortable. Although they still have not yet helped me steal more bases.
  4. Congratulations to Corey Baker for breaking PITT’s all-time career wins mark as a pitcher. You’re really good.
  5. My final shout-out and final “John C. Schultz Memorial Salt Truck Award” goes to the entire team for their actions after losing to Ohio. The reason it is the last salt truck award to be given out this year is that the trophy was tossed in the trash as a result of the less-than-ideal mood in the locker room post-game.

 I’d also like to note that another first in my blog’s history is currently occurring. As you might have noticed due to the shorter sentence structure toward the end of this posting, I just found out today’s game is being switched to a doubleheader starting at 4pm due to impending bad weather in this weekend’s forecast (weird, that never happens in Pittsburgh). Therefore, I pretty much have to leave for the field in about five minutes.

With that said, see you next time!