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Happy Thanksgiving to All

Hello Everyone,

Happy Thanksgiving to all. I hope everyone enjoyed plentiful meals and wonderful time with family and friends. I traveled home to Colorado to spend time with my family over this short break from school. It has been a hectic couple of weeks, and time to fill all of you in!

To start off; this will be my last post on this blog site for now. My blog has been picked up by www.collegebaseballlineup.com for the 2011 spring baseball season. College Baseball Lineup (formerly ping!baseball) has given me the opportunity to be one of their featured bloggers this year based on the success of “Diary of a D2 Ballplayer” during the fall. I hope that you all continue to read my blogs as well as check out great news and information regarding all the happenings in college baseball on the website. You can link to it at www.collegebaseballlineup.com or at www.cblineup.com.

Now to the blogging!

I have been rehabbing my surgically repaired hip with the excellent trainers at my school. Over the last couple weeks I have been working on getting my full range of motion back, and restoring my normal gait. I was tired of walking with a limp, and I am happy to report that I now have my normal walk back. I have also been doing a lot of resistance work trying to keep some muscle in my leg while my hip continues to heal from surgery. It has been a frustrating process not being able to jump or jog, but I know that I will be much better off letting it heal and get myself back to 100%.

My teammates have been spending the last couple of weeks getting after it in the weight room. I have been joining them, but my workouts consist of light shoulder, chest, and back exercises. The other 28 guys have been lifting and conditioning hard getting themselves ready for the grueling 50+ game schedule of college baseball.

Some fun stuff to report; we took our team pictures and head shots a week or so ago in our new uniforms. We are excited to debut our Camo tops that we will be wearing to support past, present, and future servicemen and servicewomen this season. There is a great article on our athletic website to check out, just click on the words “camo tops”!

It has definitely been great to be back with my friends and family in Colorado, but I am also excited to get back to the twin cities and continue my rehab and throwing program to get myself ready for; practice starting January 17th and the first game of the year at the Metrodome against Minnesota State-Mankato on February 18th. Side note; my 21st birthday is February 16th, two days before we start the season. I can’t think of a better present than being ready to come out of the pen in a lock down situation against the defending regional champions.

I look forward to making the move towww.collegebaseballlineup.com, and the publicity they can bring not only to my blog, but my university, conference, and all of Division II baseball.

See you all over there!