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How’s The Weather?

Everybody always likes to tease us Northwesterners about our supposed near-constant rain-soaked existence, and to be honest, we do get our fair share, but holy bleeping storm cells! How bad was the weather this past week, even two weeks all across the country? California, the self-proclaimed bastion of sunshine and happiness, got doused with the wet stuff something fierce, while the Northeast looks to be on pace to finally have fields ready to play sometime in early 2014. It’s wet and cold out there people. Our series with San Jose State was ten kinds of messed up…rain forced us to suspend the first night’s game heading into the 8th innings, then not resuming it until Sunday morning. Saturday’s schedule changed more than Kim Kardashian’s boyfriends. It was quite the rollercoaster. In the end we managed to get three of the four scheduled games in, and that was a lot better than some of our brethren ended up with. Stanford and Michigan didn’t even bother trying the forecast was so wretched! I’m wondering if the End of Days is approaching. Mother Nature has got to be trying to tell us something. Maybe she’s saying to buy Field Turf.