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Rehab Begins

On Friday I had my first follow up appointment with the doctor after having my hip surgery. They took out my stitches because my incisions are healing well. They also gave me the go ahead to stop using my crutches pain permitting. The doctors said that I may experience some pain or soreness over the next week or two just walking around, and that if I do it is not a bad idea to use the crutches for a while just to give my hip a rest. The third thing that happened at the doctor, and the thing I am most excited about is that I got my rehab plan. The doctors gaveĀ  me a full lay out of my rehab for the first six weeks after surgery.

The rehab plan starts tomorrow, Monday, and is physical therapy sessions two to three times a week with our athletic trainers at school. The first few weeks focus on getting my normal gait back and then getting my full range of motion back in my hip. After six weeks I can start to build my strength back. With this plan it wasn’t all good news though, I got a whole list of restrictions. For the next six weeks I can do no running, jumping, jogging, or lifting of anything over 20 lbs. That means I am restricted to just walking and working on my shoulder and scap circuits.

After I got my rehab plan I asked the question I wanted to know the most. What can I do as far as throwing a baseball over these couple months of rehab? The answer was better than I had expected. For the next two to three weeks I can sit in a chair and throw as long as I do not cause too much discomfort in my hip. After that period I can start to stand up and throw lightly without a too much of a step as long as I don’t incorporate an excessive amount of rotation with my hips. The final step, assuming everything is healing properly and I have my full range of motion back, after six weeks of rehab I can begin my normal routine of playing catch, but not throwing off of a mound.

This will give me the best chance to keep my arm in shape during this down time, so when I am finally released as 100% it won’t take as long to get game ready. I am getting the opportunity to get my body fully back to 100%, and still having the chance to be ready to go by game one of the season. That is the best possible opportunity I can hope for once I sustained this injury.

I will begin my rehab plan officially on Monday and do as much as I am allowed to do to get better and get back out there with my teammates.