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Recovering from Surgery

Last Thursday I went under the knife to repair my torn labrum. I was definitely nervous for surgery, but it went much smoother than I had anticipated. After a couple hours of meeting with surgeons, nurses, and anesthesiologists I finally had my surgery. I woke up in the recovery room and was released to go home a couple hours later. I had some soreness, but I was mostly just exhausted from the drugs they had me on.

It was a pretty rough weekend, spent mostly sleeping and laying around. I am on crutches for a week, before I head back to the doctor to get my stitches removed. They gave me some pictures of the inside of my hip that they took with the arthroscopic camera while performing the surgery, but I am not sure what they are. Maybe we can get some of those us on here in later posts.

Other than recovering from surgery there is not too much to report. I have been attending the lifting and conditioning sessions with my teammates, although I am unable to participate. My teammates are working hard in the weight room, and that is going to go a long way to getting us ready to compete in the spring. On Friday after I get my stitches removed I will also get my rehab plan that I can start doing next week. They have already informed me that it will be frustratingly slow, starting with some light walking. My only physical activity for six weeks will be walking. Only after that six week period will I be able to do some light jogging and other things like that to get me ready to get back in baseball shape. On Friday I will definitely be asking when I am able to start at least doing some light throwing to keep my arm in shape.

I had what I considered a pretty successful fall, and am excited to get to the spring. I have not really been in the mix to get a lot of innings in my previous two years of college, but this year my coach has made it clear that I have the opportunity to throw a lot of meaningful innings and help us win games. That means I need to get myself ready to compete at a high level when I am fully recovered.

I am excited though, I have had some nagging hip injuries for the last two seasons, which finally led to this major tear. But having had this surgery and going through rehab, this season my body will be completely 100%. That is definitely exciting, and I will work hard to get myself mentally prepared and keep my mechanics sharp so that I can have a big contribution on the field this spring.

I will make sure to keep everyone posted on the rehab as I go through, and keep supporting my teammates as they go through off-season workouts. It is definitely frustrating to sit out while everyone else is working hard. I wish I could be in there sweating and getting stronger with the rest of the guys. I will just have to work even harder when I finally get cleared.

Keep working towards goals, mine is to get healed and back to strength so I can contribute the best I can to a Concordia Golden Bears championship season.