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Sorry the Hiatus

Greetings readers, I apologize for the extended hiatus. I have been dealing with an injury, and have been trying to get all that in order before continuing with the blog. But now that I have that all settled I can continue my blogging.
When I last left off I was preparing to throw in a scrimmage against St. Cloud State University. I got the start in that scrimmage, tossing two innings. I didn’t have my best stuff in the outing, but was able to minimize damage for the most part. I gave up one run in the first inning, and two in the second inning. I had two walks in the outing and allowed three hits to provide the three runs for SCSU. For the outing I threw 40 pitches (19 strikes, 21 balls) giving me a strike percentage of 48%. Not the best, but as I said I was able to minimize the damage.

Following SCSU I had one more outing on the mound in an intersquad scrimmage before suffering, what would be a significant injury, at the end of fall ball. I had some nagging pains in my hip and groin area throughout the fall, but nothing serious. By no means was it anything that effected my play, and therefore I didn’t think anything of it. The last week of the fall the pain started to be sharper and come more often. By the final day of fall practice it was getting to be pretty bad.

I went to the trainer and they suggested I see the team doctor over at TRIA Orthopedic Clinic in Bloomington, Minn. The day after the final fall practice I went to the doctor and had my hip checked. After initially thinking it could be a sports hernia, the doctor did some range of motion tests which he thought indicated a tear in the labrum of my left hip.
He sent me to get an MRI, which I did this week, and when the results came back the doctor’s fear was confirmed. I had a rather substantial tear of the labrum. He explained to me what this meant.

I will be having surgery this coming Thursday, where they will put me to sleep using general anesthetics, at that point they will make a small incision in the front of my hip as well as one in the side. They will go into the joint with a tiny camera, and make the repairs necessary, this is known as an arthroscopic surgery, or “hip scope”.

To the right you will see the picture of my MRI. The white in the middle is my labrum, and that black dot on it in the upper right portion is the tear.

The procedure will take about an hour and a half of actual surgery. After that I will spend the weekend recovering at my sister’s house in the western suburbs of the twin cities. My mom is flying in for the weekend to help take care of me. It won’t be easy to deal with me after the surgery as I will be a heavily sedated 195 lbs.

Recovery from this operation is typically 10 weeks to three months. This means I would hypothetically be 100% somewhere between January 7th and January 21st. Our first official practice of the season is scheduled for January 17th, meaning I am in good shape for the season. Unfortunately though this means I will be sidelined for all of the off-season lifting and conditioning, meaning I will be a step or two behind the rest of my teammates when practice kicks off.

As for my goal of becoming a weekend starter, that is not currently the case, as I met with my coach last week. But after my meeting I can set a goal of being the best reliever possible to help this team win games. I was informed that I would begin the year as one of the top guys out of the bullpen, with the chance to throw 30 to 40 big innings. I was told I would not be a guy that throws in blowouts this year, I would be turned to with the game on the line and be expected to win games for us out of the bullpen, and with the potential to get some spot starts.

It might not of been my goal, but it is a role that I will gladly accept. Anything I can do to help this team win is what I want to do. Being a weekend starter may have been one of my goals, but my number one goal in baseball has always been to win a championship, and I will do whatever it takes to get us to that point.

So for now what I can do to help this team is to get this surgery and rehab it back to strength so I can back our starters up out of the bullpen.

I will not be taking any more lengthy stretches off from writing. I will be keeping readers up to date on my recovery from surgery, my rehab, and life in general as a D2 baseball player.

Sorry again for the long hiatus, I appreciate anyone that take the time to read my blogs.

Always chasing after dreams.