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(Un)Expected Off Week

Hi there,

Good to see all of you are still reading my blog. This week was supposed to mark the opening of the greatly anticipated Petersen Sports Complex. However, schedulers failed to realize how remarkably rainy and cold Pittsburgh is in February. Therefore, it was probably not the best idea to predict playing this weekend. Looks like my Bieber bet last blog held up. Whew. Instead of imposing upon myself what was sure to be an extremely excruciating experience, we went to watch “Hall Pass” on our open Saturday night. All I can say is that it was just delightful.

Luckily, the powerful PITT Panthers have big plans for playing over spring break. As all northern teams should do this time of year, we travel south to Wofford and North Carolina A&T before heading back to sunny Florida for a couple of contests against quality competition.

With the uneventful week that transpired, I’ve chosen to comprise a list of nicknames given to guys on the team.

  1. Whitey                                                (Travis Whitmore)
  2. D-O Double                                        (Kevin Dooley)
  3. Señor                                                  (Ron Sucre)
  4. Tik                                                      (Casey Roche)
  5. Big Bossman                                      (Brad Johnson)
  6. The Bill                                               (Phil Konieczny)
  7. Jersey                                                 (Alex Caravella)
  8. Meatball                                             (Anthony Defabio)
  9. Slick Rick                                           (Rick Devereaux)
  10. Jelly                                                    (Jeff Kelly)
  11. Bobblehead                                        (Matt Wotherspoon)
  12. Wizard                                                (Evan Oswald)
  13. Daniel Daniel Danielczyk                 (Jon Danielczyk)
  14. Flip                                                     (Derik Wilson)

Congratulations to student manager and director of operations Jonah Rosenthal for winning this week’s “John C. Schultz Memorial Salt Truck Award.” Before Tuesday’s practice, Jonah was given his typical duty of setting up the field, including the Power Hummer which we use to simulate a pitcher during situational games. However, since we practiced outside due to the nonsensically nice weather the week before, he had to wheel it from the new practice facility to the indoor Cost Center. This is no easy feat as it’s about a three-block walk with hills hindering his effort. Needless to say, he was not happy, especially after we drove by in our cars laughing while he struggled in the snow.

Lastly, here are a few shoutouts:

  1. First one goes to my main man Coach Lipari for his exceptional batting practice before Sunday’s simulated games, especially since he was not slated to throw that day. Sure, any common coach would have collapsed under the pressure. However, PITT’s perfect batting practice pitcher gutted out a promising performance that had the hitters prepared to face live pitching.
  2. Second shoutout goes to the epic battle that ensued at Sunday’s practice between senior first baseman David Chester and freshman reliever Casey Roche. Seemingly unsatisfied from his scheduled pitching program, “The Mental Assassin” confidently called out Chester. Although he painted the corners with such style and grace comparable to the way Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel, the classic confrontation came down to the fifth and final pitch of the at-bat. By the beard of Zeus, Chester crushed a ball to right-center field, throwing his bat down decisively to proclaim victory while Casey hung his head in devastating defeat.
  3. Last shoutout goes to freshman pitcher Luke Novosel for his tactics to terrorize PITT’s heavy hitters at the plate during Sunday’s simulated game. Hardly happy with controlling the inside half of the plate, Novosel instead pulled a page out of Napoleon’s book and pushed his invasion further inside, plunking five hitters without hesitation. The effort is believed to be a new league record that resulted in battered and bruised position players.