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Argos Make History

What a great week to be an Argonaut!  For the first time in school history, we are ranked in the top 10 in the country! Cblineup has us ranked at #8, and the College Baseball Newspaper has us ranked #6.  I can’t really describe it, but there’s a different feeling when you tell someone, “we’re ranked number 6″.  Speaking for everyone on our team, we are excited about being ranked this high, because we know we are good!  We know that position for position, any team that comes in will not compare to what we have here at UWF.

CG 1 hit shut out!!!

Soooooo last week we had Delta State come into Pensacola, and we took it to them with a series sweep!  The first game was a 12-6 victory.  Tino Martinez Watch List pitcher Jason Postill did what he does best, shutting down opponents lineups with the nasty Volcan (change-up).  He gave us 2 earned runs, and his E.R.A is 0.86 and he has 21 K’s in 21 innings.  Against Delta State, he went 8 ip with 10 k’s.  A dominating performance!

Game 2 was started by Ben Hawkins, and again he had a great outing.  Hawkins went 6 innings, with 8 k’s and holds an impressive record of 3-0 with a 1.69 ERA.  Hawkins gave up 1 run in his outing against Delta State, and the offense scored 10 runs.  Game 3 was the most impressive of the series!  Sr. Danny Vargas delivered an unbelievable complete game 1 hitter to secure the sweep.

Sr. Zach North

The week leading up to the weekend was great.  We had 4 great days of practice, and we were all ready to get out on the field and prove that we were the superior team.  We worked a lot on bunting and hitting curve balls, because we knew that Delta State was going to throw a lot of off speed, and that we needed to be able to scratch across runs by getting guys into scoring position.

We have a HUGE series against #2 Florida Southern this weekend.  The guys have had this one circled on our calenders since the schedule was released.  Going back to last year, we lost the series to Fl Southern, and the way we lost left a bad taste in our mouths, and we’ve been waiting for the chance to get back on the field with them.  We aren’t setting the series up to be bigger than any other series, but its hard to down play the chance of playing the #2 team when we are ranked #6.  We should have a good crowd out at the field, and if we take care of business, there’s no doubt we are confident that we’ll come out on top.

Now for my pitching update…. Drum roll please……….  I pitched great in an inning of work during the week.  Most people on the team thought it was the best I had thrown, and I couldn’t argue with that.  I did hit the lead off batter with a slider, but of 6 hitters faced, I started 5 of them off with strikes.  I threw more strikes than balls, and had a strike out.  I would have gotten out of the inning without giving up a run, but a potential double play ball was bobbled, so a run scored.  I had Zach North video tape me throwing in the game and I uploaded it on youtube so my followers could see me in game action.  UWF BASEBALL PHIL EBERT.  I thought I pitched great, but the frustrating thing about it was that the adjustments I was trying to make with bringing my arm back differently wasn’t evident in the footage.  BUT, the good news is that in the next bullpen I threw my arm was going back the way I wanted and I would say I threw the BEST bullpen of my short pitching career.  I didn’t have someone keeping the stats, but I would have said I was around 70%  strikes, which is great!!  My change-up is feeling more and more comfortable, and I’m still working hard on getting some consistency with the slider.   Here are a few fastballs while I was throwing a tune pen before I throw in a squad game on Wednesday (2/22) (BULLPEN FOOTAGE)  I’ll do my best to have some game footage from Wednesday.

Hugs was 7-10 in the sweep of Delta State

Everyone wish the Argos some luck for this weekend as we take on Fl. Southern!

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Thanks Again!

Philip Ebert 36