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It’s Almost Here

I am writing this blog from the seat of a 747 bound for Burbank. We are stuffed to the gills in this Boeing (shameless Seattle-area company plug) airliner. It seems everyone on board, including Coach Marbut and his Washington State Cougars, is headed south from Seattle seeking sunshine. Turns out though, in a cruel ironic twist, that the weather we seek down in Northridge, CA will not be waiting for us. Severe rain storms predicted for Fri and Sat in the LA area means gods-knows-what our schedule will look like this weekend. We are all anxious to play someone wearing a different uniform, but it appears there may be some serious standing around in our immediate future. It begs the question once again in my mind, why we don’t at least consider (the NCAA that is) pushing the entire college baseball season back a bit. I know we’re all anxious to start playing once the New Year rolls around, and summer baseball is big business, but couldn’t we construct our schedules in a fashion that would allow everyone to play more of their season in fair weather? Especially with the impending reformatting of the postseason and CWS, isn’t now the time to examine a re-calendared (not a real word is it?) college baseball season? If we truly want to spread the excitement of our sport to the masses, why not put our fans in a more comfortable situation weather-wise. Southern schools can attest to the fervor with which their fan bases rally around heading to the ballpark on a bright warm day. Let’s give our northern brethren a chance to create similar ballpark experience for those fans. Southern schools weather only gets better so where’s the downside?

Perhaps I am missing something with my Pacific Northwest goggles on, but I really think a little creative thinking could lead to massive gains in popularity and exposure. Perhaps the devoted followers of CBL can offer their thoughts?

As we plow through the clouds here at 33,000 feet, my mind races through all the tings we are trying to get done with our fledgling program, but as I look around the plane at our young men, I am quickly brought back to the immediacy of our mission – take down the Matadors! The scouting has been done, the rotation has been set, game plan finalized; now we go out and compete. It’s the players’ time now. All their hard work through the summer, fall, and winter crystallizes tomorrow. It’s go time! We are in launch sequence at full thrusters (boy, wouldn’t this NASA metaphor work better if we were headed to Houston?).

The captain has just told me we are beginning our descent and that my electronic devices need to be shut off now – lord knows what might happen if I don’t obey so I will be a good boy and do as I’m told. You can stop reading now. Seriously. Stop reading. Good night.