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2 Weeks Down

I first want to apologize for not updating the blog early. To call our schedule hectic would be an understatement. I plan to get back to regular updates on everything involving Otter Baseball.

The first two weeks of competition have been interesting. We are continually learning about our team and how we react in different situations. With all the new additions to the roster, we will constantly be evaluating and assessing our roster and how to put the players in positions to be successful. We still aren’t close to full strength yet, as we continue to work on eligibility for a few key members.

What we have done very well is play the game the right way and a high level of intensity. Our players’ passion for the game has been evident in every single contest we have competed in. They are proving to be a tough and disciplined group, and the go into every game and situation with the proper mindset.

As a coaching staff we are very confident in our group of young men. They meet the challenge everyday in practice and they are continuing to learn how to compete in different situations during games. They have displayed a high level of intensity in every inning of every game thus far, so they are showing what it takes to be a member of MB Baseball.

We only have two games this week, as we take on upstart Patten in a doubleheader on Saturday, with a 10:00am start time. We hope to see all of Otter Nation out there to support our boys. This is an important short series, as it is the last tuneup before conference play starts next week.