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HERE WE GO!!!!!!

The LONG LONG LONG wait is finally almost over!  We open our season on Tuesday and all of the guys are very excited!  We’ve been getting after it pretty hard these last 3 weeks and in my opinion, we are READY!

My last post was about 10 days ago, and since that time I have gotten to throw 2 more innings in inter-squad.  Based on my own critique, I think I’ve been decent.  I was right around the strike zone with my fastball, threw a few good change-ups and sliders, and I’ve continued to work on holding runners, fielding bunts.. etc.  The walks were to 2 of the best hitters on our team, so I guess it’s not all that bad.  I would say that it has been 100% different pitching in these last few innings then it was the entire fall.  I think I am in a totally better and different mind set when I’m on the mound.  I’m a lot more focused, and thinking about each pitch.  During the fall if I would walk or hit a batter, I instantly lost my train of thought, and began going into “DON’T MODE”.  I would be telling myself, don’t walk this guy, don’t hit him.. blah blah!  I knew I shouldn’t have been thinking this way, but it’s easier said than done.

Now I have a lot more confidence when I’m on the mound, and I’m continually reminded that over the course of the fall and spring, WHEN I throw strikes, I really haven’t been hit hard.  Obviously there are have been hits here and there.. but basically I have beat myself when I am on the mound with walks, hit batters, pass balls and throwing the ball away.  I am enjoying pitching A LOT more these last 3 weeks, and I feel like I’m really starting to get the hang of things. I’ve been able to get some video of myself, and saw some adjustments that needed to be made, and I feel like I’m going in the right direction.

Pensacola Bill Bonds and Billy Sadler Clinic

Pensacola Bill Bond and Billy Sadler Clinic

On Jan 29th our team got to participate in a youth clinic in Pensacola.  It is a tradition for the team to help, and it is a great way to give back to the community.  There were 90+ kids at the clinic and it reminded me of when I was younger and had to chance to go to clinics like this.  The kids look up to us because they know what it means to be a college baseball player.. just as we look up to guys in the big leagues, because we know that we want to be there one day!

I had one question emailed to me this week, and I’m hoping that once the season starts and more people follow CBlineup that more questions will come in.

Scott E. from Dover, OH writes:

Hi Phil.  I’ve seen a lot of sidearm pitchers.   I’ve been told that sidearm is very hard on your arm, compared to “over the top” pitchers.  What do you do to prevent arm injuries or what can pitchers do to prevent injuries.  A pitchers life sometimes gets cut short way too soon.  I notice, too, that kids who try to throw curve balls in little league are the ones that usually get hurt.  What’s your thought?

Thanks for the question!  You’ve got a lot of stuff going here, I’ll start with arm problems..  When I was first researching sidearm pitching, the one thing that stuck out on every article was that the risk of arm problems was higher.  Personally, I have never felt any discomfort.. I’ve got one of those weird arms where I’ve never had anything hurt.. and my “normal” throwing mechanics are not what you would call “perfect”.  One thing we do in the gym is to work a lot of stretching the shoulder, working on the rotator cuff, and overall posture which helps with throwing.  In regards to little league pitchers throwing curve balls… I think it is a bad idea to have them throwing breaking pitches because their arms are not fully developed.  Unfortunately, a lot of coaches want to win and aren’t thinking about how the kids are is going to feel in 5 years if they continue playing.  They want to win that game, and if the kid has a decent curve ball they will probably throw it too much. Thanks for the great question!

Our quest for a ring starts on Tuesday!!

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Thanks Everyone!

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