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Argonaut Season Preview!

Senior Jason Postill

Senior Jason Postill

Wow!  I’ve gotten so much positive feedback from everyone that has read my first blog, and I thank everyone for that!  The purpose of my first blog was to let everyone know who I am, what I’m about, and what I intend to blog about.  This time I’ll give a little background about the fall, and the preview of the 2011 baseball season.

A little about my fall and then the teams.  I started the fall being able to be effective off the mound.  In my opinion, all the little things about pitching are the most difficult to learn, for example, pick-offs, holding runners, fielding bunts, signs, even down to which way to turn off the mound when a runner takes off early!  It was definitely overwhelming to say the least.  The funny thing about it was all the new guys knew that it was my 4th year here, and were looking for me to help them with pitching..  I had to remind them that I knew nothing, I was basically starting from scratch.  When I pitched in the Arizona Collegiate Baseball League in Tempe, AZ over the summer, there wasn’t a lot of situational hitting, so I didn’t get a lot of live situations with fielding bunts.  I did however, pick a couple people off, which was exciting.   Once the fall progressed I started to become a mental disaster.  I think a lot of my problem was trying to be “too good”.  Our coach uses the phrase, “don’t be so fine”, which means don’t try to make a perfect pitch EVERY pitch.  I was trying to hit corners with every pitch instead aiming in the middle and letting the sidearm action work for itself.  This created problems with throwing strikes consistently.  Now to the off-speed… I throw a change-up and slider, the change-up is hard to get on top of, and the slider is hard to get out front and get consistent break.  Overall, I have trouble throwing strikes consistently.  After one time pitching in an inter-squad game, I walked a few people and just started losing confidence in myself.  I’m still working hard in the bullpen, and hopefully will be getting some more innings during practice.

Senior Greg Pron

Senior Greg Pron

Now on to the rest of the team..  We have a great core of returning guys, including four All-GSC first team sele ctions: pitchers Daniel Vargas-Vila and Zach North,  catcher Tyler Hastings, and Dustin Lawley who played third base last year and is moving to center field. Senior right fielder Greg Pron was a second team selection, along with RHP Jason Postill.  Also back for the Argos is designated hitter Zach Taylor and shortstop Brandon Brewer.

We were able to fill all of our needs from the seniors that left last year with Taye Larry playing left field, Jos h Huggins filling in at third base, and Kenny Stalls at first.  Returner and roommate Justin Bennett and transfer Leo Lamarche will be filling the void left by All-South Region second baseman Kyle Brown, who is now a graduate assistant with the team.  We have also added Pat Cottrell to the coaching staff.  He played at UWF in 03′-04′ before being drafted by the Tampa Rays and making it to Advanced Single A. 

The team is looking to repeat as GSC East Division champions, win the GSC Tournament for the first time since 2007, and host an NCAA regional.  With the new reduction of games in DII baseball to 50 from 56, there will be little room for error!  As we found out la st year in our regional seeding, every game counts!  This year our conference schedule has been increased to 21 games, and we will have to play 6 games against division foes Valdosta State and West Alabama.  We start our season at home on February 1st with Montevallo, and then will travel to Orlando, FL to face regional opponent Rollins College.  The season is getting very close, and we still all have A LOT of work to do.  For all the northern followers, you guys may have snow that is keeping you inside, but we are forced to get our practices in when its been in the high 30′s.. which for the South Florida boy, is not normal weather for me!

2009 GSC East Division Champs

2010 GSC East Division Champs

I want to take this chance to let everyone know that I made a new email to have my followers write me questions about anything they ca n think of and I will post the top 2 questions each week!  I think it will be a nother cool way to keep people interested in not only my story and how my progression in pitching is going, but just the grind of college baseball in general.  The email is PhilipEbertuwf@yahoo.com.

Also, you can follow me on twitter at @ Phillybert36

The direct link is http://twitter.com/PhillyBert36

I’ll end my 2nd blog with my FAVORITE quote of all time:  “Impossible is a word only found in the dictionary of a fool”    Take a deep breath and let that all sink in!!!

Thank you everyone for all of your interest in this blog!

MB Baseball Goes Bowling

On Wednesday night the MB Baseball team hit the lanes and visited Monterey Bowl to have a team bonding night. After 3 straight grueling double days to start the week, the night out was a welcome break from the grind of the middle of the week.

The boys had a great time. The night was setup as a competition and the players broke up in pairs and the score was based on the total scores of the 2 games each player bowled. The winning pair was the vertically challenged duo of Nolan Murray and Danny Nelson, with a combined 4 game score of 596. Team Mighty Mouse edged the Twin Towers team of Harold Zosel and Jake Paolinetti’s score of 570.

The night ended with the entire team watching the coaching staff bowl their last few frames. The boys hooted and hollered while the coaches tried their best to impress. Coach Espitia stole the show with 3 straight strikes to fill up the 10th frame.

At MB Baseball it is all about family. The relationships we have with each other is the strength of our program. We are continuing to work to strengthen our bond to the point that nothing could ever break the fortitude of this team. That is only achieved by working at team chemistry just as hard as we work on our ground balls, batting practice, bullpens, or conditioning. Because when push comes to shove, it is all about laying it all on the line for your family… and MB Baseball is a tight-knit family.

We are back at it bright and early tomorrow for another double day. The pitchers are getting a break from throwing but still have their lifting, conditioning, and defense to take care of. The position players should enjoy an offense only practice in the afternoon while the pitchers rest their arms for this weekend’s intrasquad.

Rookie Blogger New to CBlineup!!!!

Hello Everyone, My name is Philip Ebert.  I am a redshirt junior at the University of West Florida in Pensacola, FL. I am currently a RHP bringing the thunder from down under, but I had played the previous 3 years in the outfield. I am from Naples, FL  which is in Southwest Florida, about an hour and a half west of Miami.. I only say that because I have to realize that HOPEFULLY people from all over the country will be following this blog, and most will not know where Naples, FL is on the map!

Where do I start???   A little background on my illustrious baseball career.   I played at Gulf Coast High School in Naples, FL,  home of the Sharks..  My junior year (2006) our team went 24-1, 23-0 in the regular season.. on a senior heavy team I didn’t play very often, a whopping 3 for 17!  As you continue to read, you’ll probably think to yourself, “How did this kid play in college”.. haha.  My senior year I earned the starting spot in right field, and during the fall and early spring I had a feeling I was going to have a great year!  During my senior year, I had planned to visit a few small D3 schools in North Carolina and Tennessee.  I thought those were going to be my only options if I wanted to continue my playing career.  I hadn’t even heard of UWF at the time, Pensacola is 9 hours from Naples, and being a smaller school there wasn’t a lot of exposure in Naples.  So I signed up for a showcase at UWF, did well, and was told I could come as a preferred walk-on in the fall.  This was the best news I could have heard, I wanted to stay in Florida, because of academic scholarships, and just having the chance to continue my career was all that I could ask for.  So I didn’t have to worry about where I was going to play anymore, I could just focus on my senior season and try to help my team win. Wellllllll, I ended my senior year batting .258… Not a very stellar season, but I had some clutch hits, and a few clutch plays in the field that helped our team win. (Not many people usually get a chance to play college baseball with a career average of .217).  I wasn’t one of those players that was a STUD, I was an average player with good potential, and I worked my butt off in HS to do whatever I could to get to the next level.

Once I got to college at UWF, I instantly wondered, “WHAT AM I DOING HERE?”  Everyone was bigger, stronger, and more advanced than I was.  Long story short, I eventually got the hang of playing at a higher level, and I redshirted in 2008.  Our team went 20-32, but I learned a lot watching the game and continued to get bigger and stronger.

My second year at UWF I had an unreal fall, hit a couple bombs (one was a walkoff in the Blue Green World Series).  I ended up starting 9 games in Left field, and batted .175.  BUT, I had a game winning hit against Alabama-Huntsville that helped us get into the conference tournament, which was really all that mattered.

My third year, (last season) was a VERY tough season for me… After playing summer ball in Kansas I came back and it seemed like I forgot how to swing a bat. During the fall I had 2 hits, and struck out a lot.  I don’t know what the problem was, probably mental, but I still enjoyed being out there everyday.  I ended up with 3 at bats last year, and didn’t record a hit.  Remember how I mentioned “how is this guy playing in college”?  Toward the end of the season, I decided, the outfield was probably not the best place for me unless I wanted to ride the pine for another 2 years.  So I approached my coach with the idea of being a sidearm pitcher.  He was fine with it, and was completely honest with me about future playing time.  I usually know what is going to be said before he even says it, because honestly, who would play someone that struck out and didn’t get hits..  I know I wouldn’t.

I spent my summer in Arizona playing baseball with 3 of my friends from Samford University in Birmingham, AL.  One of the guys, Michael Johnson, played with me in high school and it was awesome to get to play with him again.  I got the chance to meet a bunch of cool guys, and QUICKLY learned that pitching isn’t as easy as everyone thinks it is.  Note to all position players:  It is not as easy as it looks, I know you think it is, but it isn’t!!  At least not for me.

Coming into the fall of 2010, I didn’t have a lot of high expectations for myself, I had been pitching for 3 months, while everyone else had been pitching for most of their lives.  I started out pitching alright, but after the first time I got rocked, it became a mental disaster every time I took the mound.  I’m still working hard, but just need more innings.

Basically my role on this team is a vocal leader that won’t contribute too much statistically, but I’m okay with that role.  I’m that guy that you hear about on T.V. that hasn’t played an inning all year but is a leader of the team.  I love every day I get to spend on the baseball field, and would have no regrets if my career ended tomorrow.

We have been able to have a couple practices since being back but a nice cold front has moved into Pensacola.  It has been in the low 40′s,  but we will be back on the field soon and we are all very excited to get the season underway!  We are ranked 21st in the preseason in the Collegiate Baseball Newspaper poll, and feel like we have something to prove in some big series this year!  Our goal is first off to win the East Division of the GSC, win the conference, and host our first regional!

I hope this blog takes off and everyone gets a chance to look into what its like for a player not only in DII baseball, but baseball in the south in one of the best conferences in the country, the Gulf South Conference.

Day 1 = Success

January 10th marked the first official day of practice for the New Brand of MB Baseball, and it can be officially declared a success. We held our first double day practice. The day consisted of a morning meeting followed by a full practice, the players had about an hour and a half off, then we held another full practice. The pace stayed a high level and there was a lot of energy in the air.

We welcomed a large group of new faces to the team and they seamlessly integrated with the returning players. Our new squad features an offense and defense with good team speed and athleticism, and a pitching staff with the ability to beat another team in a variety of ways.

We will continue double days until school starts on January 24th. We will also be kicking off the first annual MB Baseball bowling challenge this Wednesday, where the team will go out and have a bowling competition. Results to be announced. Go Otters!

3.16 Team GPA

Our team had an outstanding fall semester !  Team GPA of 3.16 with 20 players above 3.0 and freshman Aaron Lupia earning a perfect 4.0 GPA.

Above 3.0 GPA:
Kyle Heane
Craig Hibell
Paul Indrihovic
Aaron Lupia (4.0)
Mike Lupia
Tyler Mroz
Mitch Perez
Vern Powell
Jake Shaffer
Frank Sirolli
Pat Smith
Dylan Songer
Tyler Squibbs
Greg Stewart
Chase Wallace
Jared Weed
Ben Weimer
Andrew Welch
Christian Wolosik
Robbie Zinsmeister

Our current team cumulative GPA is 3.13.


Jeff Ditch
IUP Baseball

Happy New Year from MB Baseball

It is nice to have the CBL Blogs up and running again.  All of us here at MB Baseball want to take this opportunity to wish you and yours a Happy New Years.  New Years is a time to remember the past year and celebrate the near future.  We are doing those exact things here at Monterey Bay.  We feel extremely fortunate to be in such a great situation and the excitement of the New Year is symbolic of our feelings about this baseball program.

The MB Coaching Staff has had an extremely busy break.  We have continued our torrid recruiting, held a youth and a showcase camp, and have spent most of our time building lockers for our new team room.  The team room is an extremely exciting addition to our program.  We will have a locker room to call our own with 36 full-sized lockers, a flat screen TV, and individual seating for each player.  The room will be a place for the players to change into their uniforms, eat meals before/between/after games, and a place to call their own and hangout.  I will post pictures soon as soon as it is completed in the next few days.

We miss our players and cannot wait until Jan 10th, when we will start official practices.  We are confident our players have been following their throwing/conditioning schedules over the break and we will hit the ground running in practice to start this new era of MB Baseball.  We are just a little over a month away from our first game on February 4th versus Sonoma State.  I look forward to updating everyone on our progress on the road to Game 1.

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